Medical Child Abuse Panic

Letter to Oregon Legislators

Oct 25, 2017

Dear Oregon Legislators [representing families in and around Multnomah County],

Please take note of the issue brought forth in the following link:

Munchausen, Mass Hysteria & Multnomah County

Parents of special needs children are especially vulnerable to allegations of Medical Child Abuse (MCA) whenever they seek medical care for their children in Multnomah County. The fallout of this crisis is well documented through the experiences of numerous Oregon families with medically fragile and/or special needs children. It seems absurd that state actors would remove children from families because parents followed recommended treatment prescribed by AMA licensed physicians. It is even more absurd to believe that mothers of all these children “manipulated and coerced” highly-trained and widely-respected medical personnel to perform unnecessary procedures and surgeries that caused harm to the children.

As in other states such as Massachusetts and Texas, Oregon legislation needs to be considered that addresses the recent escalation of accusations of Medical Child Abuse coming from the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office. Massachusetts’ House Bill 900, “Justina’s Law” states in part:

“No mandatory reporter, as defined in Section 21 of this Chapter, shall file a report of abuse or neglect under Section 51 of this Chapter based solely on a parent’s or legal guardian’s decision to follow the recommended treatment of a licensed medical or mental health provider.”

Read about Texas House Bills 2848 and 2849 regarding false allegations of medical child abuse at the following link:

Huber family hopes new bill will stop wrongful child abuse allegations

There exists a growing group of citizens concerned with this issue in the State of Oregon and nationwide. It is, therefore, likely that you will be hearing more about these injustices in the coming weeks and months. Please consider investigating the controversy surrounding the recent sharp rise in Medical Child Abuse allegations coming from Multnomah County, Oregon.

Thank you.


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