Calvin Luarca

Man Stabbed by Girlfriend, Held on $100K Bail

Vancouver, WA ~

A Portland man was stabbed in the abdomen with a kitchen knife by his girlfriend and is currently being held in the Clark County Jail on $100,000 bail.

According to court records, Zonnisha Meyer, 26, of Vancouver admitted to police that she stabbed Calvin Luarca, 30, during an alleged altercation at Meyer’s residence. The recorded 911 phone call made by Meyer also confirms her admission to stabbing Luarca.

On the morning of Saturday, November 18, 2017 at approximately 10:25 AM, Luarca, who was invited by Meyer to visit her, traveled to Vancouver. Luarca’s mother, Brenda Carney, had purchased round trip airline tickets for Meyer to fly out to Dallas, TX on November 21st with plans to return on the 25th so she could be with her family during the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to Carney, Meyer greeted Luarca at the door and stayed behind him as he began to walk up the stairs. Without warning, Luarca was attacked from behind by an unknown assailant. During the initial struggle, Luarca was unable to identify the attacker. He was spun around when Meyer then plunged a knife deep into Luarca’s abdomen.

Luarca, who is 6’ 2” tall and weighs 200 lbs., was able to escape without further incident and exited Meyer’s home. Luarca then got into his car and was able to drive himself to a nearby Urgent Care located at 3400 Main St. in Vancouver where he arrived at approximately 10:30 AM.

Urgent Care doctors performed triage to close off a severed artery in Luarca’s abdomen to prevent him from bleeding out. Urgent Care then had Luarca emergency transported to PHSW Medical Center located at 400 Mother Joseph Place in Vancouver for immediate surgery to repair a life-threatening injury.

Upon awakening from surgery, Luarca was arrested by Vancouver Police at approximately 4:30 PM and taken to the Clark County Jail where he was initially booked on Burglary I DV and Assault IV DV charges. As of the date of this article, no charges have been brought against Zonnisha Meyer.

Trial is set for Monday, January 29.

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1 thought on “Man Stabbed by Girlfriend, Held on $100K Bail

  1. Letter provided to Clark County Sheriff’s Office by the mother of the stabbing victim, Calvin Luarca:

    To: Sheriff Chuck Atkins, Clark County Sheriff’s Office
    From: Brenda Carney
    Date: January 26, 2018
    RE: Calvin Luarca

    Dear Sheriff Atkins,

    I am writing to you as a mother seeking justice for my son. As the Clark County elected Sheriff, you have the ability and duty to act under 36.28.011 Duty to make complaint:

    “In addition to the duties contained in RCW 36.28.010, it shall be the duty of all sheriffs to make complaint of all violations of the criminal law, which shall come to their knowledge, within their respective jurisdictions.”

    On November 18, 2017, my son, Calvin Luarca, was stabbed with an 8-inch kitchen knife by his girlfriend in Clark County and he nearly lost his life. The stab wound, that was ¾ of an inch below his heart, cut a major artery that required emergency surgery. The only known injury suffered by my son’s girlfriend was a cut to her hand from the knife she was holding when she drove it into Calvin’s abdomen. As soon as my son woke up from surgery, he was arrested for DV Burglary and Assault IV.

    Zee Meyer, my son’s girlfriend, made a full admission to stabbing my son on the recorded 911 call and it is included in the written probable cause statement. There is no question that a “deadly weapon” was used (as defined in RCW 9.94A.825: …”any knife having a blade longer than three inches”). There is no question that the injury to my son caused “substantial bodily harm” that could have resulted in his death (as defined in RCW 9A.04.110). There is no question of “admission of guilt” by Zonnisha Meyer as recorded in the 911 call (RCW 10.58.035 Statement of Defendant- Admissibility and 10.58.030 Confession as Evidence).

    I live in Arizona, where what happened to my son would have been charged as a crime under any circumstances due to the violent nature of the act, use of a deadly weapon, and lack of serious injury to the assailant. It would then have been up to the courts to sort out the circumstances, and decide whether or not Zee Meyer is guilty through due process. According to recent articles in the Columbian newspaper, the same is true in Clark County from examples just within the last five months. All of the examples provided involve incidents between people who knew each other, or were related, just as in my son’s case. (See article dates, titles and charges below).

    January 18, 2018: Battle-ground-police-investigating-stabbing (Christian Dixon- Attempted Murder I)
    November 6, 2017: Vancouver-man-arrested-in-stabbing (Teivon Jerome Graham-Assault 1)
    October 5, 2017: 19-year-old-arrested-on-assault-charges-battle-ground-stabbing (Austin Puckett- Assault I)
    September 4, 2017: 1-arrested-1-critically-injured-in-vancouver-stabbing (Christopher Ollar- Assault I)

    The charging decision in Calvin’s case was made by a VPD Officer who found probable cause to arrest my son for DV burglary and Assault IV, without interviewing him and while he was in surgery for a life-threatening injury. The arrest was based solely on (refutable) claims made by the alleged victim who critically assaulted my son. Officer Aldridge failed to charge the woman who nearly took my son’s life. It is not up to an investigator to act as judge and jury, that is the job of the court. Officer Aldridge was removed from my son’s case due to a number of other bias acts committed by her against my son, and against me. There is an active complaint with the Vancouver Police Department about these other matters.

    My son is being held on $100K bail in Clark County jail, and has been deprived of equal protection under the law based on clearly written Washington State RCWs defining a criminal act committed by Zonnisha Meyer of Vancouver, WA. I am asking that you invoke your duty under RCW 36.28.011 in the interest of equal protection under the law for Calvin Luarca.

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