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Trial Set Over for Man Stabbed by Girlfriend, Questions Begin to Surface

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The trial of the Portland man stabbed by his girlfriend has been set over until March 12, 2018. Calvin Luarca, 30, appeared before Clark County Superior Court Judge Daniel Stahnke at 9 AM Thursday morning. His attorney, David Kurtz, requested a continuance and stated in a prior hearing that he had not yet received DNA evidence, reviewed search warrants, or interviewed witnesses. Judge Stahnke granted the request for continuance. Luarca is currently being held on Burglary I, Assault IV and a host of other charges that have been stacked against him since he was taken into custody.

On November 18, Luarca was arrested after emergency surgery to repair a severed artery from a life-threatening stab wound inflicted by his girlfriend, Zonnisha Meyer of Vancouver. Family members asked attorney David Kurtz to obtain Luarca’s medical records to help show the extent of his injuries. Luarca’s medical records from the incident have not yet been released.

This case has matriculated through the Clark County criminal justice system and has received no media attention until the story broke on January 24th with the names of the individuals involved.

According to the declaration of probable cause completed on November 18th, Meyer and Luarca had been dating for several months. Meyer alleged she ended their relationship 2 days prior. A review of Luarca’s Facebook messenger posts between the couple tell a different story than the one Meyer purportedly gave detectives.

Luarca & Meyer

On November 16th between 5 and 7 PM, Meyer and Luarca exchanged 32 text messages that ended with a scheduled rendezvous in Portland at 7:15 PM. Meyer did not show, call or text.

Early on the morning of November 17, between 12:47 and 1:36 AM, Meyer calls Luarca 8 times. At 1:37, he breaks his silence, answers the phone, and he tells her that he did something he would come to regret.

Calvin Luarca was on federal probation supervision in Oregon for a felony drug conviction in which one of his release conditions was the mandatory attachment of a location monitor to his ankle. Luarca had cut off his ankle monitor as a sign of how much Meyer meant to him. Their conversation continued until 3 AM. They agreed to meet at her house sometime after 4.

At 6:00 AM Calvin writes, “I’m ok still[.] I love you”, while returning from Vancouver.

Throughout Friday, the couple would text each other. Luarca did not show up for work nor did he return to the halfway house where he lived. Luarca had remorse for cutting off the ankle monitor for the purpose of spending more time with his girlfriend. He stated in a text to her, “I’m so stupid”.

Meyer does not mention her job and appeared to be more concerned with the purchase of a new cell phone from AT&T. After she buys her new phone, Meyer texts Luarca. He responds, “I’ll bring the cash” implying he would pay for her new phone. Zee replies, “Nope. I will pay. Just give me cash later.”

Luarca suggested a weekend trip to the coast in which he offers to pay. He writes, “I want to stay close to you.” Meyer does not commit to the weekend. Instead, she recommends they meet in Oregon at 5:30 PM so she could pick up the money that he had offered to give her for the new phone. Meyer does not show, call or text.

Zonnisha “Zee” Meyer

At 6:01 PM, Luarca calls Meyer then sends a text begging her to let him pay for a motel room because he wanted to be near her. He then asks her, “Are you FaceTime me the whole time[?] I would never do that to you.”

At 8:35 PM, Zee writes, “Working on getting you pla[c]e tonight. Dude already (gone).”

At 9:32 PM, Zee calls him. He then writes, “Dude named Alex I talked to was or is he still at your house Zee[?]”

She responds, “I really think you have been doing drugs. You[‘re] so irrational. Back and forth. Scary”

He replies, “No drugs just nerv[ous]. Scared”

At 9:57 PM, Meyer writes, “Ok that was my last call. I really loved you at one point and wanted to have a future with you. I hope one day you can have a normal life. But I have to look out for my kid. Have a good life.”

That evening, Luarca stayed at a friend’s house in Portland. The next morning, Saturday, November 18, He decided to return to the halfway house and call his probation officer to disclose his probation violation.

At 9:30 AM, while driving with his friend back to the halfway house, Meyer calls Luarca. He tells her his plan to turn himself in. Meyer gets upset and tells him that she wanted to see him before he returned home because she may not be able to see him for some time. This is when Luarca decided to turn around, drop his friend off, then go see Meyer in Vancouver.

At 9:37 AM, Meyer calls Luarca’s mother, Brenda Carney, and informs her that her son had cut off his ankle monitor. Carney immediately calls her son to ask him what’s going on. Luarca tells his mother that he will call her when he returns home.

At 10:25 AM, Luarca arrives at Meyer’s house where she stabs him.

Calvin Luarca may be guilty of a probation violation, however, he did not break into the home of Zonnisha Meyer nor did he assault her. It would seem that Zonnisha Meyer is the perpetrator of an assault against Calvin Luarca.

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