Medical Child Abuse Panic

Munchausen Grandma Dupes Oregon DHS, Gains Temporary Placement of Grandchildren

Pamala Gaddis

Portland, OR ~

A 57-year-old grandmother made two anonymous phone calls 6 days apart to the Oregon Child Welfare hotline with claims of child abuse regarding her grandchildren.

Per the hotline report dated September 24, 2016, the caller reported “that mother, Trisha Gaddis, may be intentionally exacerbating the illness of her child, whose condition is deteriorating and has yet to be diagnosed.” The CW hotline then forwarded the information to the Alberta branch of Multnomah County DHS.

Contrary to what the caller told the CW hotline, hospital records show the child of concern has serious and complicated medical issues dating back to infancy. Among them are epilepsy, episodic ataxia, autism spectrum disorder, chiari type 1 malformation, and tethered spinal cord syndrome. All 5 conditions are well known by his medical care providers.

On September 26, 2016, Trisha had taken her two boys, 14-year-old Marcus and 8-year-old Austin to her ultra-sound appointment to show her sons their new baby brother. It was a joyful and exciting time for the family, but that was about to end.

When the family returned home, Trisha found the business card of CPS investigator, Steve Jackson, attached to the front door. When she called Mr. Jackson, he said the office had received an anonymous call about concerns of abuse regarding 14-year-old Marcus. He informed her that he had already interviewed her daughter, Gabriella, at her school without her permission. Trisha informed Mr. Jackson that Marcus was not and never has been abused and that he was scheduled to have surgery the next day. The two decided to meet for an in-home visit on the 28th with plans to interview Marcus sometime after his surgery.

On the morning of September 27, Marcus had gastrotomy surgery (the insertion of a feeding tube), a procedure that required him to stay in the hospital for several days. The feeding tube was deemed medically necessary and signed off on by three doctors, including the chief of neurology, the pediatrician, and the chief of pediatric surgery.

That same day, unbeknownst to Trisha, Mr. Jackson arrived unannounced at Austin’s school, pulled him out of class and interviewed him about his brother and mother. Austin and his teacher reported that he and his brother have never been harmed by their mother and she takes good care of them.

On September 28, Mr. Jackson met with Trisha at her home. Mother confirmed there are no safety concerns and that she has taken good care of all of her children.

On September 29, Mr. Jackson interviewed Marcus at the hospital. Marcus also reported that he had no safety concern and their mother took good care of him and siblings. Per the mother’s conversation with Marcus, Mr. Jackson creeped him out.

After completion of the interviews, CPS notations indicate there was no immediate threat of harm hence ‘”no probable cause to remove children from the home”, yet the case remained open.

Following Mr. Jackson’s determination of lack of probable cause, a second anonymous call was made on September 30 at 11:29 PM. The second CW hotline report stated, “Tonight, Marcus’ grandmother, who is currently at the hospital, told the reporter that Trisha is planning to ‘send a friend’ to the hospital on Sunday [Oct 2] in an attempt to induce a seizure in Marcus by ‘stressing him out’ while Trisha is not there. Marcus takes of lot of [anti-]seizure meds but hasn’t had one in the hospital yet. Trisha is aware that there is an open CPS investigation and reporter is concerned that she is going to have friend induce a seizure to show that she is not the cause of Marcus’ illness.”

At this point, the Portland Police Bureau and the Child Abuse Team (CAT) were notified.

It was later proven the anonymous caller was Pamala Gaddis. She made both calls to CPS. The first with a false claim of child abuse and the second with a false claim for threat of harm.

On October 2, the alleged attempt to induce seizure in Marcus did not occur.

On October 3, Marcus was scheduled to be discharged from Randall Children’s Hospital. RCH refused to release Marcus and told Trisha they needed to keep him for more observations. Trisha noticed a strange difference in the way she was treated by the staff and her maternal instinct took over. Trisha now feared that Randall Children’s Hospital was going to medically kidnap her son.

The very next day Trisha retained attorney Rich Cohen. Mr. Cohen reached out to CPS investigator Steve Jackson and staff at RCH to speak with them about discharging Marcus from the hospital. Mr. Cohen’s pleas to have Marcus released were ignored by CPS and RCH.

On October 6, Dr. Heather McKeag, Child Abuse Pediatrician at CARES NW, submited her summary analysis of Marcus’s condition to the Portland Child Abuse Team of which CARES NW is a member. Dr. McKeag, who began her career as a Child Abuse Pediatrician at Tuft’s Medical Center in Boston, diagnosed Marcus as a victim of Medical Child Abuse even though she had not interviewed any of the specialists who were treating him. Dr. McKeag provided an unqualified and uncorroborated medical opinion to hypothetically rule in child abuse. And so begins the libelous and slanderous narrative against Trisha Gaddis (AKA Trisha DeLaurent).

On October 7, an ex-parte hearing was held in Multnomah County. With the State’s narrative in place, a family court judge approved a protective action plan, and the three children were removed from their mother’s custody. Trisha was prevented from having contact with Marcus. Austin and Gabriella were taken into CPS protective custody. The protective action plan granted Pamala Gaddis temporary foster care placement with Trisha’s two oldest children, Marcus and Gabriella, both with special needs. Under federal funding Title IV(E) which outlines DHS’s mandatory compliance requirements, an approved foster parent who cares for special needs children will receive approximately $3,500 per month per child.

On October 24, Judge Diana Stewart conducted a shelter care hearing and found probable cause of potential child abuse. The Judge’s decision was based upon a narrative that relied heavily on Mr. Jackson’s CPS report, created from the child abuse hotline statements of Pamala Gaddis in which she claimed she overheard her daughter scheming to induce a seizure in Marcus while he was in the hospital. This “threat of imminent harm” was not corroborrated, nor did it occur.

During a jurisdictional hearing, the family court was presented with a recent letter written by a licensed psychiatrist who treated Trisha for an eating disorder when she was 15 years old. In 1997, Pamala Gaddis spent a week in family therapy alongside Trisha. Both were interviewed in depth. The same psychiatrist ultimately diagnosed Pamala with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy now known as Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another.

Within his assessment, the psychiatrist called Pamala “a controlling, immature mother who was extremely damaged emotionally and did not know how to give nurturing maternal support to her daughter and allow her to be a separate person.” He further stated, “Pamala Gaddis is a mendacious individual. Her testimony cannot be believed. She lacks the emotional boundaries needed to help children mature due to her multiple psychiatric issues.”

The final determination of the State’s jurisdiction will be made the week of February 26, 2018. If the family court rules in favor of Trisha Gaddis and returns the children back into her care, the state will be required to repay the federal funding that has been allocated for all 3 children and their attorneys for the past 16 months.

[The children’s names have been changed to protect their identities as they do not share the same last name as their mother.]

**Substantiation for MSbP diagnosis in excerpt from MD letter below:

Paul Rosenberg, M.D. California License # G14078
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34 thoughts on “Munchausen Grandma Dupes Oregon DHS, Gains Temporary Placement of Grandchildren

  1. What an incredibly sick and dangerous grandmother! I thought DHS could not place children with child abusers? If this grandmother has abused her own children it is insane to place her grandchildren in her care, especially a child with special needs! Obviously this grandmother has continued to perpetrate abuse against her daughter by virtue of her false allegations within this case. I feel so sorry for this poor mother and these poor children. Pamela Gaddis deserves to be in prison for her actions against her daughter and grandchildren.

    It is hard to raise special needs kids and parents have to rely on doctors. Doctors make mistakes and that is called MALPRACTICE, why is the system blaming the mother? Parents can’t cause anatomical issues like brain and spine defects such as poor Marcus has suffered.

    Oregon DHS, you guys are idiots that cause more harm than good. I am sick and tired of my tax paying dollars being used to HARM children and settle lawsuits. ENOUGH. Give this mother back her children and lock this grandmother up!

    1. You are a moron. T Gaddis Delaurent (name of the week) is on trial for medical abuse. If it is confirmed she will be prosecuted for felonies for trying to kill her children. Don’t be a sheep.

      1. Shut your filthy mouth and keep your sticky fingers off the keyboard. YOU ARE A MORON. Trisha and her children were granted a sealed name change by Washington courts almost a year prior to this false and fabricated case brought forward by Pam Gaddis. They were granted this sealed name change due to extreme domestic violence. DeLaurent is the legal name of the mother, and the childrens names were also legally changed.

        Tip: Don’t believe what you hear because it makes you look like a damn fool. If the state had a case they would have charged her 17-months ago. If you were privy to the case facts and had functioning brain cells you’d know this.

        Move along you filthy troll…

      2. Rachel, since you have nothing better to do at 12 AM perhaps you should take the time to educate yourself. Trisha DeLaurent is NOT on trial. It is only a jurisdictional hearing to determine if DHS has the authority to intervene.

        The standard of proof for such a hearing is utterly pathetic to the point that it has allowed the state’s lies (lies provided to them by sources with very questionable motives, such as a butt hurt scorned ex lover with serious emotional and mental instability, a domestic abuser who has a lifetime restraining order against him and is seeking revenge, and a sick woman with a personality disorder trying to get a second chance at parenting because she was so abysmal a parent to her own daughter) to permeate it.

        For 17 months there have been NO criminal charges because the standard for proof in a criminal case is light years away from the pitiful standards in a dependency case. The aforementioned lies would not hold up for one moment in a probable cause hearing for a criminal trial. The state’s conspiracy theory would crumble under such scrutiny.

        Try sleeping at midnight instead of trolling and commenting on subjects about which you know nothing. Maybe it will improve your critical thinking skills and you will be less prone to false fantasies.

      3. Since you are a keyboard hero for villains why not head over to the article about your buddy William Lance Ulich and show some love? I am guessing that even with an anonymous name you don’t quite feel comfortable publicly supporting a man that has domestically abused and raped women for 30 years. But you feel comfortable supporting a personality disordered grandmother that is screwing him? Weird.

        Sheep? Most of us on this page read a website that contained thousands of pages of documentation. We are knowledgeable advocates that are well versed in case facts, diagnostic process, and the massive problems within this case. Do your research. I highly recommend checking out the website

        Mickley has a long history of doing this to families raising special needs children. Oregon DHS is known as one of the worst states for making this unscientific false allegation. Did you know there is not even an ICD code for medical child abuse? That means it is not a valid diagnosis, and because it is not a diagnosis there is not a diagnostic process. It is a unqualified opinion at best, by a child abuse center that exists on a multimillion dollar state contract. Conflict of interest? I think so. Alternately, an MRI is objective. In the case of these three children the MRIs objectively prove issues that parents cannot cause. These are things you would know if you were to independently research and investigate as we have done.

        If I were you I’d start writing my apology to Ms. DeLaurent now. My guess is that the dirty half-dozen will be picking each other off and pointing fingers when lawsuits start coming.

  2. Pamala Gaddis needs to be arrested and charged along w every single person involved in these lies.
    Pamala is a dangerous person that likes to have things her way. Narcissistic, toxic, abusive, and manipulative. You meet her once and you can smell the desperation and her constant need for attention. Pamala expects to be the prettiest and most important in the room. It’s all for show and appearances. She has torn a family apart for fun. Someone needs to delve deeper into her motives. She has harmed too many people in her own family. She isn’t a mother! She’s evil!

  3. It is totally horrifying and heartbreaking that this loving, excellent mother lost custody of her special needs children on Oct. 7th, 2016 due to a lying, mentally ill grandmother, and poor investigation by the state and child protection agencies, and here it is Feb. 20th, 2018, and she still does not have custody. It is unbelievable that the state of Oregon then put 2 of the children at huge risk by placing them in foster care with this same grandmother who has Munchausen”s and had abused her own daughter, the children’s mother! That is criminal!!! What is wrong with the state of Oregon??? God bless these 2 reporters! I pray for this family that all charges are dropped and they are reunited. It will take years of therapy for these children to try to undo the damage caused by their criminal grandmother and the state of Oregon, let alone to deal with the violence and domestic abuse perpetrated by the ex husband on their mom. God’s heart must be breaking over the mistreatment of this mother and her innocent children! I know mine is.

    1. She most certainly IS being paid. Interestingly, when we Googled Pamala Gaddis and looked at WA and OR courts we found multiple liens against her. I’m guessing that stealing her grandkids and destroying her daughter had at least something to do with MONEY. Greed and sex seem to be core to every story of profound betrayal. Munch grandma is no exception.

  4. What an UGLY woman! No surprise, considering the ugliness she displayed by calling in false accusations against her own daughter. I don’t care how much you dislike your kid, you don’t deliberately harm her children (your grandchildren) to get back at her. I have no problem believing that Pamala has at least one mental illness. You’d have to be sick in the head to do the things she has done.

    Why hasn’t DHS removed the kids from Pamala’s care? Why hasn’t DHS asked the District Attorney’s office to prosecute Pamala for filing a false report? ORS 419B.016 states “Offense of false report of child abuse

    (1) A person commits the offense of making a false report of child abuse if, with the intent to influence a custody, parenting time, visitation or child support decision, the person:

    (a) Makes a false report of child abuse to the Department of Human Services or a law enforcement agency, knowing that the report is false; or

    (b) With the intent that a public or private official make a report of child abuse to the Department of Human Services or a law enforcement agency, makes a false report of child abuse to the public or private official, knowing that the report is false.

    (2) Making a false report of child abuse is a Class A violation. [2011 c.606 §2]”

    Pamala is disgusting for her role in this situation, but I think DHS is even worse because they refuse to admit they made a mistake and drop their attack on Trisha DeLaurent. They won’t admit that even though Steve Jackson did an investigation and determined there were no safety threats to the children, as soon as Dr. McKeag said Marcus had been medically abused, DHS changed their minds and decided there must be some safety threat that would make removing the kids acceptable. They have kept this case going for almost 1.5 years, and since they will have to repay the federal money they’ve received if they don’t win jurisdiction, that means the judge will probably rule in favor of DHS when the trial ends next week even though the evidence proves Trisha did not harm Marcus because the judge is part of the courtroom workgroup and she knows how the system works. What a great moneymaker false accusations of medical child abuse are for the state of Oregon! DHS takes kids with special needs away from loving parents and places them in foster homes so DHS can collect Title IV(E) federal funds and extra money because the kids have special needs. Then they drag the cases out for as long as they can and make as much money as they can. Oregon children with special needs are being used as cash cows for DHS and foster parents. That is despicable.

    Side note: I can’t find anything anywhere that says what objective test a doctor can do/order to prove their diagnosis of Medical Child Abuse is accurate (like how an orthopedist can do an x-ray to prove a kid has a broken leg or a pediatrician can do a throat swab and send it to a lab to prove a kid has strep throat), and there is no billing code for MCA, which means it isn’t even a legitimate diagnosis! Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another (what Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is now called) is a real diagnosis, but it is a mental health disorder given to the person doing the abusing, not the child allegedly being abused, and no CARES Northwest doctor is qualified to diagnose a parent with that mental illness.

    Why won’t the Governor get involved and do something to stop innocent parents and children from being traumatized by DHS and monsters like Pamala Gaddis and William Lance Ulich?

    1. Fact checking? At all? I know this case, mother is on trial for medical abuse. They can’t be quiet, so they post stuff like this. When she is convicted of numerous felonies for trying to kill her kids, what will you guys have to say then? I’m sure the moderator will cull this because it doesn’t fit the conspiracy narrative. Give it 1 week.

      1. The case has existed for 17 months and still NO CHARGES. Why are there no charges? BECAUSE THE STATE CANNOT MEET THE LEGAL BURDEN TO MAKE A CASE. You imply that you hold personal knowledge, shh… you aren’t supposed to have personal knowledge and a direct ear to the corrupt government. There are all sorts of pesky laws and ethics that make that a big no-no. You are full of crap…

        Go watch a soap opera since you like juicy drama so much. It is obvious that you are one of the dirty half-dozen! Lemme guess, Stephan???

          1. “Rachel” please see comment about jurisdiction.

            Compelled to prosecute? The prosecutor has a duty to prosecute a case when the legal threshold is met. After 17 months no such threshold has been met. The mother is facing a jurisdictional trial, all that trial establishes is if the state even has the right to be INVOLVED. It has nothing to do with meeting the criminal burden.

            But all of that is beside the point because the State of Oregon does not have jurisdiction over a criminal matter. An Oregon DA does not have jurisdiction over this matter. All contested care occurred in Washington. This is a Washington state family. Due to the lack of jurisdiction no Oregon official can charge the mother in this matter, regardless of the dependency outcome. ORS 131.215

          2. Rachel, you speak very confidently about a criminal charge. I would like to know how you could possibly know what the District Attorney’s office plans to do after the DHS jurisdictional hearing ends. Are you a witness? Are you DDA Mickley posing as a woman and telling the world your plans? Are you a CAT detective helping to build a criminal case against Trisha? Or are you an internet troll who is wishcasting because you really want to see Trisha get into some kind of trouble? Your words do not carry weight because you have no credibility.

            The burden of proof for a criminal case is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The burden of proof for a DHS case is “preponderance of evidence.” In other words, it would be much more likely that a criminal case would lead to a DHS case than the other way around. Or is Mickley trying a new tactic now? If so, why hasn’t he criminally prosecuted all of the other mothers he has gone after for medical abuse?

            Also, Mickley doesn’t to wait for a dependency hearing to end before he can have someone arrested. You are incorrect about that.

            Tiffany Reed admitted guilt at her dependency hearing and she was not prosecuted criminally (perhaps she made a deal with DDA Mickley whereby he would not charge her for abusing her son if she admitted guilt. Of course, then he and DHS immediately returned her son to her after she admitted she was guilty of medically abusing him, so maybe she made some other kind of deal with him). I know of four other women Mickley has gone after at the dependency level and none of them were criminally charged even after DHS made their “finding” of medical abuse. DHS having a “founded charge” means nothing because they confirm their opinions based on their own reports. DHS could say Chuck Mickley abuses his son and that, based on their investigation and the judge going along with their “findings,” they are going to say that the accusation is “founded” and take his child based on their “founded report of abuse.” Saying a DHS claim is “founded” does not give the accusation any legitimacy whatsoever.

            Oh, and because you don’t seem to be aware, the evidence that has been brought forth in the past few weeks of the hearing proves that there was NO medical abuse. If DDA Mickley was correct last October when he told Trisha that the outcome of the trial had already been decided (fait accompli) and Judge Svetkey does give DHS jurisdiction even though the preponderance of evidence clearly shows Trisha did NOT medically abuse her son, that judgment won’t prove Trisha harmed her son; all it will prove is there is corruption in the juvenile court system and DDA Mickley and DHS and the judge participate in that corruption.

            Last of all, if DDA Mickley believed that Trisha DeLaurent had tried to murder her children as you allege in an earlier comment, he certainly would have acted on that already. She did not attempt to murder her son. Accusing her of MCA is crazy, and trying to jump to attempted murder is ludicrous.

          3. Rachel, you are an intellectual lightweight. Learn your facts before you type. Read my comments earlier in regards to the burden of proof in a criminal case vs the burden in a dependency case. Your statement is not based on anything factual, just delusional, wishful thinking.

      2. Interesting that the one who bloviates about facts and fact checking provides no facts of her own. Can you read, Rachel? This article is full of facts. It’s obvious you know nothing about this case. 17 months of ZERO criminal charges speaks for itself

      3. Yes, Rachel, I have fact checked everything and have reference material to back it up. Thus far, I have attended 12 calendar days of court hearings since September of last year. Most of which include dozens of pages of notes that I have taken from expert witness testimony stating that no medical child abuse had EVER occurred. Total hours of court attendance alone is approaching 100 hours. Over the past 5 plus months, I have invested another 100 hours reveiwing thousands of pages of related documentation to this case. In addition, I have interviewed friends and family close to Trisha. I have not found one shred of evidence to support the State’s allegation that the children were in danger because of a threat of harm from Trisha. What I have discovered is that 3 of her children may in fact share a genetic disorder that had been misdiagnosed until a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, that does not coincide with the State’s tortured narrative.
        I have not met or interviewed anyone close to the family that has any evidence to prove me wrong, but if you would care to make yourself available for an interview, I would welcome your input.

    2. Rachel,
      Do you know anything about law? This is a Washington state family. The contested medical care occurred in Washington state. Therefore, the JURISDICTION for any criminal case would be in Washington state. If the Oregon officials are telling you differently you are being played or they are bigger fools than I had realized.

      It baffles my mind that Oregon state has exercised temporary emergency custody within this matter for 17 months. The due process rights of this family have been unconscionably violated, as the law entitled them to have this matter heard in 70 DAYS. The additional 15 months are essentially kidnapping.

      Oregon officials: YOU DO NOT HAVE A CASE. Please resolve this. Drop your case, apologize to this mother, return her children, and then write a check for a million dollars. Maybe if you do the right thing you’ll save the state taxpayers the an extra 20 million in lawsuits from this family.

      According to what I have seen you have violated a lifetime restraining order, placed the children around abusers, your DA has violated clear ethics, and the due process rights have been crapped upon. WHY? Because this mother had the misfortune of trusting a doctor that made a mistake?

  5. An unbiased “journalist” would check facts and post both sides. This is all unsubstantiated and defaming to someone who has not been found guilty of anything. If you buy into this you are the problem.

    1. These journalists have spent hundreds of hours researching this case and they have spent everyday in court. Have you?

      Pam, this house of cards is coming down. Watch out for holes.

    2. “This is all unsubstantiated and defaming to someone who has not been found guilty of anything”–Rachel, glad you now support Trisha DeLaurent, who has NOT BEEN FOUND GUILTY OF ANYTHING! DHS has been duped by lies (that they now know to be lies) and have chosen to hold their ground because these children have been a huge cash cow to them and because if they admitted now that they were wrong they would be admitting to I horrendous harm to this family. It is nothing more than DHS hoping to mitigate obvious liability for such grievous harm.

    3. Rachel,
      Thank you for your comment. I can assure you that we take reporting only researched and corroborated facts very seriously at Voices Network. We would be happy to report on any verifiable evidence you would like to provide regarding your perspective on this case. As an investigative journalist, I would be particularly interested in verification of your statement in another comment regarding confirmation that Trisha DeLaurent will be prosecuted for felonies for “trying to kill her children”.

      In the meantime, to address your accusation of “unsubstantiated and defaming” reporting in the “Munchausen Grandma” article, please refer back to the article itself. Voices Network has now posted the substantiation through original source with the article to clear up any confusion. ~Traci Eccles, Voices Network

  6. This is an OUTRAGE and an INJUSTICE. Oregon, how dare you? The treachery of this mentally ill grandmother’s false accusations resulting in the children being removed from their mother’s loving care! And the Munchausen grandmother now gets $3,500 per child per month? And she allows the domestic abuser ex husband access to the children? Both the grandmother and the domestic abuser belong in jail, as well as the child protective service and state officials who have allowed this to happen. And to think the children have been away from their mother’s loving care since October 7, 2016? This is an abomination. These children are special needs and deserved utmost protection and care. To take them away from their beloved mother and into the temporary custody of this abusive grandmother who allowed them to be subjected again to the domestic abuser ex husband is a perversion of justice, truth, and everything DHS is supposed to stand for. People should be fired over this. What long term damage you have inflicted on these innocent children and their innocent mother. Shame, Oregon, shame. The state is going to need to pay for years of counseling to help them recover from the traumas this mentally ill grandmother has inflicted, with the support and blessing of the state of Oregon. If the right thing is not done, this needs to be elevated to national level media and federal oversight and intervention. Oregon has failed these children and their mother miserably. In the words of Marian Edelman, “If we don’t stand up for children we don’t stand for much.” It’s time to rise up and do right by this family. It’s long past time.

  7. This horrendous on the part of the state of Oregon. A full study of complete facts should have been done before placing those children with their mentally ill grandmother and stripped from the care of their living mother. Those poor children!

  8. This is completely outrageous, and this psycho grandmother and her abusive ex-son-in-law should both be in prison for their lies and ongoing abuse of Trisha and her children. The abusive ex-husband reportedly is quite wealthy, and it would not be surprising if he has paid off McKeag and Jackson for their false testimony. Federal investigators also need to investigate the Oregon DHS and clean up that swamp! My heart aches for this family, and the very agency that is supposed to protect them is doing the opposite.

  9. What a sad state of affairs for the children and their mother. How must those children feel when they are taken away from the one constant in their lives and left with someone who is supposed to care about them but can’t be trusted. Next the people that are paid to look at all of the evidence before making recommendations doesn’t seem to do their job fully. I pray that after hearing all of the evidence in this case that the judge will do the right thing. I can not even begin to imagine what this mom has gone through.

  10. Please, please, please protect these children and their mother!!!!! Give them back to their mother, this is the only way they will be safe and well cared for. Give the mother and children protection. Do what is right judicial system!!!! Fight for the kids and their mother!!!!!

  11. Pamela looks like the classic narcissist that has had too much plastic surgery at 57. Exploiting ones sex appeal through painful surgeries is typical for a narcissist due to the fact that they have little personal identity.

    Narcissists cannot genuinely empathize and connect with other people. That is why this woman has caused so much harm to her family. I saw that she is having a relationship with her daughters abusive ex-husband in another article. Likely grandma got to feeling old and bored, and something about her daughter seemed enviable. 1 + 1= ME for the narcissist, so grandma set out to steal her daughters life simply because she wanted it. Likely the daughter did something to reject the fragile ego of grandma and that is at the heart of this case.

    This pathology is not altogether uncommon and would be obvious to those that know the family. Is the grandma controlling and competitive with the daughter? Does the daughter hold traits that the narcissist grandma desires? Is the grandma sweet and charming, but highly manipulative? Does the grandma have close personal friendships? Any female friendships? Typically a narcissist female will not hold close female friendships because other women are viewed as competition, and the narcissist cannot manipulate through their sex appeal.

    Another possibility is borderline personality disorder which has many narcissist traits. The obvious plastic surgery fits in with that, as does the previous diagnosis of Munchhausen Syndrome By Proxy. Someone with BPD exists only to meet their own desires and needs, they lack the ability to empathize with others and tend to destroy those around them. I am guessing the daughter did something to challenge the role of grandma, and grandma was feeling less than pleased about getting older and not having the same power over people. The daughters punishment was to have her children stolen and her ex-husband f+&ked, grandma did not need her daughter if she was able to assume her life and stand in her place.

    I highly recommend a full psychological evaluation of this grandma. The motivations of this grandma are very suspect. I believe grandmas pathology is at the heart of this case. It is easy to hate a person that causes such harm, sadly, you all are dealing with a pathology that needs attention and not a person able to be honest or accountable about their actions.

    I hope the State of Oregon does the right thing and saves these children. If these children are left in the care of grandma the pathology will destroy them as well. Likely the children will show signs of trauma through anxious or depressive symptoms, these are grave signs. If these signs are present it would be a strong indicator that the grandma is now abusing the children as well.

    This grandma needs supportive and intensive psychological care. Sadly the same is likely true for the children now.

  12. My heart breaks for Trisha and her kids. Because of DDA Chuck Mickley, I know how it feels to be falsely accused of MCA. I was DDA Mickley’s first attempt at criminally prosecuting Medical Child Abuse in the state of Oregon. It didn’t end well for him, and it cost Oregon taxpayers a lot of money.

    This is what I know to be true (and can be objectively proven) about the Portland Child Abuse Team (CAT) detectives who were involved in my case:
    – They lie. They posted on public websites, encouraging people to contact them, then presented lies as facts to those who called.
    – They lied to doctors and other potential witnesses about me and my children.
    – They manipulate and mishandle evidence. Detective Erica Hurley and Detective Mace Winter conducted interviews with doctors, then “lost” recordings for some of those interviews, and/or did not write a report about the interview in a timely manner. For example, after the unrecorded interview with Dr. Barbara Sibley (pediatrician who wrote the prescriptions for opioids for my son), Detective Hurley did not write a report until one full year after talking to the doctor. Afterward, she destroyed her notes from the interview.

    Police are legally allowed to lie. They can tell a person they are interviewing *anything* they want in order to obtain the testimony they are looking for. When a police officer says that someone told them something, it doesn’t have to be true. In my case, the CAT detectives engaged extensively in deceit and fabrication.

    This is what I know to be absolutely true (and objectively provable) about DDA Mickley:
    – He is will manipulate others. DDA Mickley knew he did not have any probable cause to arrest me, so he circumvented that by using a secret Grand Jury to indict me rather than arrest me first and then have to prove to a judge that he had probable cause to believe I had committed a crime. Because the GJ met secretly, my attorney and I were not allowed to attend and refute the allegations made against me. Mr. Mickley lied to the GJ, telling them he had jurisdiction to charge me with 42 felony charges and 1 misdemeanor charge even though over half of the alleged crimes could not have taken place in Multnomah County (such as 4 counts of Criminal Mistreatment while I was in UKRAINE ~ how does a MultCo prosecutor have jurisdiction in a foreign country?). The Grand Jury believed DDA Mickley’s lies and returned an indictment, thereby allowing Mr. Mickley to arrest me despite having zero probable cause.

    – He will lie. DDA Mickley lied frequently during the 23 months of my criminal case. For example, 13 days after he had me arrested, CAT detectives informed the neurosurgeon involved in my case that they were not questioning the surgeries she had performed ~ they recognized the surgeries were medically necessary, which would indicate that I had not manipulated the doctor to operate on my son. At that time, Mr. Mickley knew that he would not be able to prove the Measure 11 charges he had leveled against me and therefore I should have been allowed to bail out of jail while awaiting my trial date. Instead, he lied to a judge during my bail reduction hearing to prevent me from having my $1.145 million bail reduced sufficiently to allow me to get out of jail. His lies to the judge punitively kept me in jail for another 5 months. By withholding exculpatory evidence from my attorneys until a judge ordered him to turn it over, Mickley was able to keep me wrongly incarcerated for a total of 189 days. When my attorneys finally learned what the CAT detectives had told the neurosurgeon during her interview, they requested and received a second bail reduction hearing, where the judge was told the truth and lowered my bail to $5,000, which then enabled me to get out of jail while waiting for trial.

    – He does not care about the truth. When DDA Mickley was presented with overwhelming evidence that his case was baseless, he refused to dismiss the charges against me. It was not until Medill Justice Project published their findings after investigating the evidence in my case for 11 weeks that DDA Mickley was compelled to dismiss 15 felony charges against me. Six weeks later, he dismissed two dozen more.

    – He espouses the “creative use of search warrants in MCA cases.” Page 16, right column, seminar 3E of this link:

    The search warrant he used in my case was signed by someone whose name wasn’t identified on the paperwork. It didn’t specify Josephine County (where I live). It was written for any police officer in the state of Oregon to execute, and there was no seal or stamp to indicate the warrant was legitimate. I was informed later (by my attorneys) that Dr. Cathleen Lang of CARES Northwest had indicated that she was certain I was stockpiling the opioids that were prescribed for my son and the police thought I was illegally selling them. They were all wrong, and nothing was found during their search of my home. How DDA Mickley convinced a judge that he had probable cause is something I still don’t know since I was never presented pages 1-29 of the search warrant, and the Josephine County courthouse has no record of the warrant in their database even though the warrant was issued by a judge in that location.

    My concern for Trisha DeLaurent is that DDA Charles Mickley will engage in the same kind of deceit and manipulation that he demonstrated regarding me to wrongfully prosecute her in criminal court. I could see him doing this in retaliation for all of the truth that is being written about his misdeeds by The Voices Network. And then, because 97% of criminal cases are resolved with a plea deal, if Trisha agreed to a settlement offer, DDA Mickley would then brag to mainstream media about how he had “obtained a conviction.” It wouldn’t matter to him that he had wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to get that ‘no contest’ plea to misdemeanors that were based on ridiculous charges. In DDA Mickley’s mind, it would still count as a “win,” which is all that appears to matter to him.

    I fully anticipate that because I am writing this comment, I can anticipate DDA Mickley attempting to cause problems for me at my final hearing in a few months. He will be angry that I am daring to speak the truth about the hell he put my family and me through, but how can I keep silent when I see him (and CARES Northwest physicians and DHS and Portland CAT detectives) continue to falsely accuse innocent mothers of MCA and aid DHS in tearing families apart? These people are harming children and families, and for what? Money? Notoriety? To boost their careers? I honestly don’t know what their motives are, but I am 100% certain it has nothing to do with “protecting children” or trying to bring horrible mothers to “justice.” The damage they are causing is so needless and so irreversible, and while the costs to the citizens of Oregon are high, the costs to the families impacted by false accusations and prosecutions of MCA are immeasurable.

    1. I applaud your bravery in speaking out. You are a true advocate for justice even after the tremendous harm this dangerous DDA has caused to your family. I have followed your case for years and was so pleased when you were reunited with your family.

      I believe that when victims hide in shadows afraid to come forward the cycle of abuse continues. Your bravery in posting becomes a cog in that cycle. My hope is that your honest words will serve to protect Ms. DeLaurent. This DDA may be bold, but is he bold enough to still follow the script when publicly written about by a former victim? I hope not.

  13. After reading the article and responses I feel someone needs to investigate Oregon Child Welfare! Praying the children are returned to their mother immediately. It is very concerning these things are allowed to happen to innocent children and their care givers.

  14. Praying that someone is empowered to investigate Oregon child protective laws and return the children to their mother. The is not the first time I’ve come in contact with poor decisions by Oregon child protective services.

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