Medical Child Abuse Panic

DDA Charles Mickley Targeting Vulnerable Families: A Question of Ethics

~Portland, OR

Multnomah County Oregon’s Deputy District Attorney, Charles Mickley, has a well established pattern of persecuting vulnerable families through unsubstantiated claims of Medical Child Abuse (MCA). He has developed a national reputation for litigation against a class of parents at a rate nearly one hundred times higher than any known incident rate of MCA by targeting vulnerable families forced to rely on the medical system to provide care for special-needs children with verifiable medical and developmental conditions. A pattern of ethics violations in these cases has risen to the level of malicious prosecution. The specific ethical issues outlined here have been brought to the attention of the Oregon State Bar Association and the Multnomah County Elected District Attorney, Rod Underhill.

On 10/21/2017, Trisha DeLaurent attended a meeting with DHS caseworkers during which DDA Mickley was also present. Trisha audio taped the meeting because she was without counsel, and she believed she was being subjected to illegal and unethical actions within the case. She also knew that it was within her rights to record the interaction due to her belief of illegal activity, and because DDA Mickley is law enforcement.

In addition to the ethical issues depicted in the video below, DDA Mickley informed Trisha DeLaurent that based on the State’s case, and prior to presentation of the defense, both he and Multnomah County Judge Susan Svetkey believed she was guilty. DDA Mickley stated in the recording that the case was likely “fait accompli”.

The definition of “fait accompli”: A thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept.


Note:  Assistant Attorney General  Christopher Sanders was present at the second meeting when Mr. Mickley shared his new ethical stance in protecting the rights of Trisha DeLaurent.  DDA Mickley had no such concerns when Sanders was not there on October 21, 2017.  Other witnesses to both meetings include:  DHS case worker, Christine Foley; DHS supervisor, Bob Gibbs; Trisha’s husband and stepfather to the children, Daniel Larson.

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24 thoughts on “DDA Charles Mickley Targeting Vulnerable Families: A Question of Ethics

  1. Ha! This lady has balls for taping the DA and releasing it. Good job!

    This is a clear ethics violation for a couple of reasons. Has she reported him to the Oregon State Bar? I assume there is more to this tape. Can you release the rest? Are there other tapes?

    WTF is up with Oregon hiring or appointing corrupt public officials? Another dirty DA bites the dust.

  2. It isn’t just Oregon. I believe this is a nationwise problem. Mickley is an arse. I was so naive before I heard about these cases. Yes. There is more than one. A friend from a very corrupt African country told me that America is just as corrupt as his country, the media just doesn’t expose the corruption. I didn’t believe him at first. Now I know that there is no protection or “innocent until proven guilty” in our current system. DAs and DDAs like Mickley are allowed to bully, lie, manipulate, and omit facts. These types of cases don’t just harm the defendents, they hurt the entire system. And it isn’t just the prosecution. Law enforcement, child services, and medical professionals are in on the corruption as well. What about all the kids from homes that truly need our intervention and don’t receive it? And I believe it is all about the money they can garner for the state by taking special needs children: the state get more money from the federal government for each child in foster care and special needs kids bring WAY more than the average child.

    I am so glad my special needs child is grown. I’m afraid I would be a target of this maliciousness as well.

  3. The actions of this DDA Charles Mickley are totally reprehensible. He is shameful in his bullying and intimidation efforts against this brave mother as she sits all alone, unrepresented at this point. He is morally bankrupt as he tries to convince her that she has already lost and that she need not even present her own witnesses at all but should give up. Evidently this type of harassment is his pattern. Good for the mother in taping his conversation. He underestimated her and her abiding love for her children. I hope that when his direct superiors and the judge see the extent of his unworthy, unjustifiable behavior, they will take action against him, drop the false charges against this mom and return her children.

  4. I am amazed that even with the power of the state and its unlimited resources at his disposal, DDA Mickley still feels the need to resort to cheating and intimidation. My translation of fait accompli…stacked deck. Guess he is compensating for a weak case. Thank you for exposing this corruption.

    Hang in there Ms. DeLaurent! You and your family are in my prayers.

  5. It’s chilling how cool, calm and calculated DDA Mickley sounds as he attempts to pressure her into some sort of agreement favorable to him and detrimental to her family. Is this for real??!! How can he be so blatant?

    From what it sounds like, he actually tried to convince her to make that corrupt deal that would allow the judge to decide the case without even hearing her side! Talk about taking advantage of someone unrepresented! Such a bully!

  6. UNBELIEVABLE! Local public corruption at its finest.

    So let me get this straight, Oregon? This mother had a lifetime domestic violence protection order ignored, you took her children and endangered them, putting them in the hands of known abusers! And now DDA Mickley, your pillar of “ethics and professional responsibility” :

    1) Tries to prevent her from having legal representation. (“It’s just a timing issue”; what?!!)

    2) Attempts to deny her an opportunity to even be heard in court. (After all, why “stretch things out” and bother “presenting all the evidence” right? After all, this is Multnomah County.)

    3) Says the prosecution and judge have already made up their minds against her and before she has even testified! (“You’re losing the trial. And, I don’t know what you are going to be able to present is going to be sufficient enough to overcome the evidence that the judge has heard already.”)

    4) Threatens her with criminal charges if she doesn’t give in. (Do you really expect this mother to stop fighting and advocating for her kids?)

    This just reeks of corruption. DDA Mickley should be debarred for ethics violations. Such a disgrace to public service.

    Indeed, “There are a bunch of different ways that cases get resolved”, but intimidation and coercion
    aren’t usually high on the list of indicators that bend toward justice.

  7. I didn’t think these fools could get any worse. And yet…here we are.
    Anyone that says, “uh” that much is a scammer!

  8. I would say that this mother and her tribe should go to the Attorney General with this, but chances are that it is already on their desk. Another option would be to go to the Feds if Oregon fails to hold this DA accountable. The FBI can investigate corrupt public officials. If this DA has a pattern of similar misconduct he’s screwed. I remember reading in another article that the authoring journalists had identified other families accused by this DA. Do we know how many families? Are there similarities between the cases? Is someone collecting the data? Will you be writing a story tying together cases? Please do bring this to the AG and FBI.

  9. Walt ~

    Yes, we know of many other families. Yes, there are similarities between the cases. Yes, there are people collecting the data. It is my understanding that The Voices Network will continue to publish stories that tie cases together and I personally believe that people will see the patterns of behavior demonstrated by DDA Mickley, physicians at CARES Northwest (and other child abuse centers affiliated with CARES Northwest), and DHS emerge.

    We who have been targeted are not abusive parents. We have endured false accusations, the loss of our children, lies told about us, the destruction of our reputations and the demolition of our former belief that truth mattered. We have been forced to watch our children be harmed by those who accused us of harming, and we have listened to lies by those who stand in court and call us liars. We have had our personal lives broadcast over the internet and in courts of law, examined by strangers who know nothing about us yet speak as though they are experts. We have lost and/or been betrayed by friends and family. We have suffered emotional pain that is too deep for words. And, most importantly, we are all innocent, and because of that fact, we will not stop speaking out about the truth of what was done to us and our children. The shame of these accusations is not ours to bear; it belongs squarely on the shoulders of those who have told lies about us, wrongfully prosecuted us, taken our children from us, and inflicted as-yet-untold harm upon us.

    Keep reading. We are just getting started.

  10. Having been a police officer for 30 years, I’m stunned your state wouldn’t launch an in-depth investigation. People do bad things, people lie, but if our police, prosecutors and attorneys, judges and lawmakers aren’t held to a higher standard if honesty and integrity there is no hope for our society. If you really can’t trust the legal system to be impartial and fair, you’re asking for anarchy.

  11. Mr. Mickley crossed the line. His statements have created an ethics violation. If a defendant is self-representing it is questionable for the DA to speak with them. When the defendant expressly states a desire for counsel it is a violation of rights to continue a conversation. It was unethical to advise Ms. DeLaurent to self represent. It was unethical to speak of settlements that would further deprive her of her rights. It was unethical to give an unrepresented defendant an opinion as to determinations or bias the DA believed the court held prior to hearing her case. It was unethical to then threaten this unrepresented mother with criminal charges to intimidate her into a settlement. I assume the current attorney has brought this tape to the trial judge? Why is this case proceeding if so?

    I wanted to recommend that this family consult with attorney Dennis Steinman. Dennis is an unmatched advocate when it comes to violations of civil rights. He holds an extensive background in disability rights, having served for years as a board member for Disability Rights Oregon. It appears the system has become derailed within this case and is blaming this mother for medical misdiagnosis that was outside of her control. Dennis will understand that. He can help to clarify within a lawsuit who was and who was not responsible for the care rendered to the child.

    If the mother can prove she followed the medical treatment plan of doctors and that she did not make up the symptoms in the child, then what DHS has done to this family is truly a serious injustice. These cases are notoriously complex and contested. DHS has enough problems advocating and solving problems of clear abuse within Oregon. They are not capable of treading into these cases that require an expert level of understanding about medical conditions without causing serious harm. Unfortunately the same is often true of the child abuse center used to screen for medical abuse. You do not see a pediatrician for cancer, you see an oncologist. These child abuse centers are staffed by pediatricians trained to determine abuse, but the list of differentials within medical abuse cases requires one to screen in or out every medical and environmental cause; that is far above the experience level of a child abuse pediatrician.

    This becomes a civil rights case because you have a pattern of families with special needs children being wrongly targeted and prosecuted. These medical abuse allegations are rampant in Oregon. Organizations such as Disability Rights of Oregon, MDA, Autism Speaks, United Cerebral Palsy all have community members that have been wrongfully accused. It is time for DHS to do better.

    Dennis will be able to bring clarity to this situation and help this family. While this may not be his typical case he has the legal expertise and background in ADA to seek justice for the wrongs this family has suffered. I would also trust any referral that Dennis may have as I cannot speak to his current case or teaching schedule. Claims against DHS have a very short window of time to be filed, I believe only 180 days, making it imperative that this family has someone lined up to advocate on their behalf.

  12. A DA’s first obligation is to the truth. DDA Mickley’s attempt to eradicate Ms. DeLaurent’s defense makes him a truth suppressor. I would ask him why he is so afraid to have the judge hear the mother’s side. He must be annoyed by the pesky Constitution. Interesting that he suddenly remembers his ethics when the AG is there. His duplicity could not be more obvious. Baffles me that this man is entrusted with administering justice. It’s obvious his version of justice is the only one that matters to him.

  13. This morning I reached out to media contacts with this story and directed them to the owners of this website for follow-up. I was a producer for over 20 years. My recommendation would be to stick with national media outlets as they are not under the pressure to bend to local government. The exception would be local OPB/NPR, and I would not hesitate to give the recommendation to work with them. Lars Larson is also a P-town man and he is someone that could shine a spot light.

    I remember first reading about this case months ago when the gag was imposed upon this mother for speaking out to save her family, and I had assumed that this case had been settled. I am nothing short of appalled and outraged by the actions of Oregon DHS and DA Mickley. I hope to read a follow up story saying that the case has dismissed their petition, and that DA Mickley has faced sanctions by the bar. Please keep up the reporting.

  14. I hope to see a follow up story saying that the case has been dismissed, the children returned home with their mother, and DA Mickley is facing sanctions by the bar.

  15. I cannot believe this case is continuing. The State of Oregon has greatly underestimated this family and their supporters. The truth will not be silenced. The responsible officials will be held accountable, as will the evil and abusive grandma and ex-husband. While the state was sitting back figuring out how to get away with breaking laws a group of supporters was reaching out and sharing this story with national advocates.

    The story is too big to silenced and I’d imagine that the state jackals will be shocked when they realize exactly how far this story has spread and how much work has been done behind the scenes. Because of the gag on the mother and our collective hope that the state would do the right thing and dismiss this case those of us that have the story have been quiet. Instead of backing down they have advanced this false prosecution through intimidation, violations of due process, violations to constitutionally protected rights, and this case has been marked by a complete breach of all legal and ethical responsibilities.

    If DDA Mickley wants to be the poster child for public corruption so be it. This case can become a media circus overnight.

  16. This is appalling. Please please please Oregon state officials; sanction and investigate this clear miscarriage of justice!

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