4 thoughts on “Justice for the Delaurent Family

  1. Commonsense is lost in the court system. The harm this system inflicts far outweighs the harm it prevents. The system seems an even mix of idiots and power hungry and corrupt officials. That video states the obvious, but the obvious appears irrelevant to resolving cases.

  2. Hearsay and perjury are two issues that cause the bulk of problems in these cases. DHS lies without penalty. They tell witnesses allegations as facts to influence testimony. I know this family and the case facts. Idiots like Stephan Bayley went from praising the mother one day to condemning her two-weeks later. He is just one example. We refer to these Pamala, Lance, Stephan, Cristi, and Sheri as the dirty half dozen; all a sick micro tribe that personally benefit from their liaison. Watching and listening to them is a bit like the childhood game of “telephone” where one shares a message and the others change bits and pieces until the final message is completely different from the original message. I would welcome ANY of the fools to go head to head with us in a debate of facts. Lets do it livestream using a moderator. These people have no facts, only their false allegations. The only facts are that Trisha did what any sane parent would do: SHE TRUSTED THE DOCTORS! The lab tests and medical records PROVE THIS.

    The lack of ethics in this case are astounding. DHS Steve Jackson should be hauled before the public as a criminal defendant to account for his actions. He is as corrupt as Mickley. He is a disgusting piece of human flesh that appears to get off on the power. The truth will come out!

  3. Has anyone complied these articles and sent them to DHS and state officials demanding justice and accountability? Kate Brown is well insulated from direct communication but her chief of staff and other admins have publicly available emails. All of these articles need to be sent, and new articles regarding this case need to be sent as follow up.

    1. My understanding from chatting with someone who was present at the court proceedings is that one of the attorneys sitting at the State’s table had one of Traci’s articles pulled up on her laptop, so I believe it is safe to say yes, DHS and the DA’s office and other State officials are well aware of what is happening. They just don’t seem to care.

      My own opinion is that Judge Svetkey pushed out ruling on the case for 5 weeks so that she can find some loophole that will allow her to rule for the State. AG Sanders has already been confidently stating that the State is going to win; how would he have any confidence of that when the State failed to prove their allegation that Trisha committed Medical Child Abuse and the defense experts made it abundantly clear that Marcus’ medical issues are real and that Trisha’s reporting was not exaggerated or fabricated with intent to misrepresent the truth to the doctors, and she did not cause any of Marcus’ problems? I do hope that maybe the judge will do the right thing and re-read the trial transcript and thoroughly evaluate the evidence that was presented during the trial, and then rule according to what is actually true and right. I realize that many dependency judges believe the lies that DHS spews during court appearances, but maybe Judge Svetkey is smarter than that and will rule appropriately. For Trisha and her children’s sake, I hope that is what happens.

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