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Pointing the Finger: When the Guilty Accuse the Innocent

In the dependency case against Trisha DeLaurent, one might ask the legitimate question, “After following all doctor recommendations for her son, how is a mother forced to defend herself against allegations of medical abuse when the long-term physician who diagnosed her son, and the hospital where he was treated, are under investigation by federal authorities?”  

It has been established in court that Trisha’s son was misdiagnosed while being treated at Seattle’s Swedish Hospital under the care of Neurologist, Dr. Sotero.  It has also been established through medical expert testimony that the failure to gain weight in proportion to height of Trisha’s son prior to the scheduled g-tube surgery in Portland, OR  was due to the side effects of Zonogran and Trileptal, highly toxic medications prescribed by Dr. Sotero. Yet Dr. Sotero testified as a key witness to assist the State in pointing the finger of blame away from himself and toward Trisha DeLaurent.

[NOTE:  At no time during Dr. Sotero’s treatment of Trisha’s son did he suggest or make medical notation of concerns about Trisha Delaurent’s care of her son, nor did he recognize a need as a mandatory reporter to refer his patient for suspicion of abuse, medical or otherwise.]

It is stunning to discover that a primary State’s witness whose misdiagnosis is the actual basis of allegations made against an innocent mother is under investigation by federal authorities.  It is even more shocking to find out that he is not the only one being investigated.  Other key witnesses and state actors are currently under investigation by a variety of regulatory agencies within the State of Oregon based on their conduct and involvement in the case against Trisha DeLaurent.

Individuals listed below are currently the subjects of investigations by the corresponding regulatory agencies.  Most complaints filed with regulatory licensing boards do not reach the level of a formal investigation…


To warrant an investigation, reports of wrongdoing must meet the burden of “facially reasonable” violations, and must be accompanied by a thorough explanation with evidence. “He said/she said” claims are not enough to initiate the investigation process.

In connection with investigations below, evidence was provided as follows:

  • Charles Mickley, audio evidence and documentation
  • Jane Chausova, audio evidence and documentation
  • Stephan Bayley, documentation and photo evidence
  • CAT Supervisor Kevin Warren, emails, documentation and audio evidence
  • Meghan McKee, email evidence
  • Dr. Sotero – Neurologist, Swedish medical records and Seattle news article evidence

**Investigation completed; disciplinary action

NOTE:  The family is currently working with an attorney to have CARES NW and DHS held accountable for their primary roles within this case of malicious false prosecution.

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16 thoughts on “Pointing the Finger: When the Guilty Accuse the Innocent

  1. Traci—-This is sooooooo great. It is so time for these agencies/atty/Judges/cops to be held accountable. I have many stories that you may interest you—–Keep up the good work……….

  2. It’s incredible that DHS and the courts would find that doctor credible when his office is under investigation and when his motivation to lie is so obvious. If the mother isn’t guilty then he is liable for the misdiagnosis and any harm caused by it! He has quite a bit to lose if the mom is found to be innocent. What a convenient way for a doctor to avoid liability when he messes up a patient’s care! That kind of motivation should be easy for the state to discern. Considering the above list it doesn’t surprise me DDA Mickley would welcome such corruption in building support for the false allegations against the mother. Great article!

  3. Is there no end to the unethical corruption?! I hope the family is suing this POS doctor! What the heck is wrong with DHS?! Why do they create the complicated rats nest cases that become too complex to escape? How can we help to right this terrible wrong?

  4. “Strengthen us in the power of Your might, O God. Dress us in Your armor so that we can stand firm against the schemes of the devil. We know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:10-12

    Tonight all following this story should join in prayer for this family. Surround this family in the protection and blessings of Christ. May the Lord act to restore and heal this family, and may those of you that have harmed this family cower in his almighty wrath!

  5. This is such a travesty against this innocent mother and her children-a true kangaroo court, indeed! Evidently there will be criminal charges against the doctor but there should be criminal charges against all of these others, too, not just regulatory reviews. Let me see, the Supervisor of the Child abuse Team being investigated by the police, someone who was supposed to be a social worker but really wasn’t, an attorney who for 16 out of 17 months has never visited 2 people she supposedly represents, (were they children?) Then there is DDA Mickley who is being investigated by the Bar Association and the Government Ethics Commission for his many reprehensible, illegal acts, and a nurse false accuser who thankfully has lost his nursing license. What a trail of corruption and collusion! Why was it all allowed to get this far? And who has had to suffer? Innocent children and their mother! (Does the judge know all of this??? Does the mom have a good attorney? ) I would not have thought any of this could happen in the United States of America. Thankful for the free press! Praying to hear from the press that these children are going home to their loving, brave mother at last. Each of these deceitful, unethical people should be barred from his or her job so no other children suffer and should have to pay for the many years of therapy these children are going to need as a result of their combined actions. I hope there are jail time consequences, in addition.

  6. Public corruption at its finest. So the State’s primary medical witness is under federal investigation for medical malpractice? And other state and local officials involved in the case are under investigation themselves for false credentials, false representation, ethics violations, and nursing license violations? You can’t make this stuff up. All eyes are on Multnomah County Courts right now to do the right thing. The prosecution is a farce. But the consequences are devastating. You have victimized an innocent family and torn them to pieces. What a crime that Oregon taxpayer dollars are going towards a juvenile justice system that puts the most vulnerable elements of our society at the greatest risk and danger. Just shameful.

  7. Thank you, Traci Eccles, for a well researched article. The pubic needs to know about cases like this. And this is only one case, there are others.
    It was my understanding that Governor Kate Brown was going to revamp the Children’s Health Services department. Is there current news about that? It certainly needs to be completed.

  8. My heart and prayers go out to these precious kids and their mama. The system is failing them with officials in charge under investigation for ethics issues. Our community needs to rise up and be the voices and advocates for our children, especially those in foster care. We need to protect them better. And we need to reunite this mother and children who never should have been separated in the first place. My heart breaks for them. Thank you for your investigative journalism. I am keeping an eye on this case and hoping and praying the court finally does the right thing by them.

  9. The sheer volume of state officials/witnesses for the prosecution under investigation by their regulatory agencies is of grave concern. It casts serious doubts as to their competency and integrity in handling juvenile justice issues. This poor family.

  10. Contact the FBI. They will hear complaints about public corruption. I believe they handled the Kitzhaber fiasco. Typically when we think about public corruption we think of financial malfeasance, but a pattern of wrongful prosecution and ethical violations rise to the level to a valid complaint against DDA Mickley and Oregon Child Welfare leadership. I recommend that the investigative journalists do this on behalf of the families as their articles indicate that they have identified many victims.

    There is a local FBI field office in Portland which is where I would start. Renn Cannon is the Special Agent in charge of the Portland Division.

    9109 NE Cascades Parkway
    Portland, OR 97220
    (503) 224-4181

  11. These officials need to be held accountable for their actions and the devastation they have caused for this family. Such an injustice.

  12. What EVIDENCE is there that this case is anything but a medical malpractice case? As someone very knowledgeable about the case facts I will stake my life and freedom on the fact that this is not a medical child abuse case. The accusers are not credible and the ethics violations that are piling up prove that. The righteous do not violate ethics or break laws to win cases. People that sincerely care about children do not intentionally suppress the truth and railroad a family so that other attorneys like them more. Respect matters more than fake friendships.

    It is past time to do the right thing. I hope we end up surprised and some of the players in this change their position instead of acting as DHS yes-men. This family deserves your thoughtful contemplation of facts and advocacy. Either way you are partially responsible for the outcome in this case: can you live with yourself if you destroy and innocent family and subject these children to abuse at the hands of Pamala and Lance?

    Should the youngest be subjected to being with a proven domestic abuser and young adult pedophile just because you want to win this case? If you truly want to know the truth interview the family friends that were actually there with this family. Basil was not a secret.

    It is highly suspect that the child therapist who was relied upon by DHS throughout this case is fraud. DHS knew or should have known, but it served them to lean on her for sign off of decisions made regarding two of the children. That means not one person was there for the central child, no one actually spent the time or had the credentials to actually hear and advocate for him, consider that. Do you believe the child has not paid the price of having a fraudulent mental health provider? Suicide has a 100% mortality rate, and suicidal intention is the single biggest sign. The records prove that he was not suicidal in his moms care, but that he has increasingly become MORE suicidal in state care. Ask yourself WHY? Depression decreases when abuse is removed, but increases when the abuse continues. Look at the facts and HELP this child or have it on your soul when this child finally breaks.

    To believe DHS is right to accept that Trisha has dozens of people that would conspire to commit medical child abuse alongside her, would perjure themselves in court, and that proof of brain atrophy doesn’t matter or explain symptoms. The expert neurologist that Trisha called as an expert spent hundreds of hours on this case, he is one of only three neurologist pathologists in the nation, and among those three he holds the most experience. CARES NW accuser Dr. McKeag does not hold a candle to him.

    To believe Trisha’s side is to accept that Pamala, Lance, and Stephan would conspire because they stand to gain something, that Dr. Sotero would cover his ass from malpractice, and that Dr. McKeag was not qualified to hold an expert opinion about complex issues. Dr. McKeag either intentionally lied and omitted facts from her reports or she just wasn’t experienced enough to catch them.

    Trisha may be extremely outspoken bitch at times. She may fight harder than most parents do. Wouldn’t you do the same if it were your children? As people sit back offended over her outspokenness few seem to be considering that this is a normal reaction to having your family ripped apart based upon lies. You guys have put her children with abusers and her children have been hurt because of it. The truth does not change based upon your position, truth stands as truth regardless of your position. The only thing that changes is your liability and the price to your soul if you fail this family.

    Steve Jackson and Chuck Mickley screwed up. They lied and ignored facts. If you side with Jackson and Mickley without personally weighing the facts you are guilty for whatever happens to these children. Think for yourself, speak for yourself. Then do the right thing and save this family.

  13. Trisha is falsely painted by DHS as lacking credibility. Using Stephan Bayley as an example we can see that Trisha is honest and forthright in her concerns. Here is the disciplinary document by the Oregon Nursing Board regarding Mr. Bayley.

    The reports regarding attorney Jane Chausova and DDA Mickley were supported by actual audio of their ethics violations. The complaints with fraudulent therapist Meghan McKee were first screened by the licensing board who deemed that Ms. McKee was using credential she did not actually hold. The complaints regarding Dr. Sotero are supported by medical records, interview, and expert testimony of nationally recognized doctors.

    Someone from the AG office needs to investigate this case from top to bottom, or the feds need to step in and do it for them.

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