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Urgent Safety Threats: ICPC Placement

As investigative journalists, Voices Network staff has had the opportunity to vet the qualifications of, meet, interview, and listen to testimony of many of the individuals who support Trisha DeLaurent  against allegations that she medically abused her oldest son who was diagnosed with, and treated for, complex medical conditions since early childhood. The qualifications and background of witnesses for the defense in the Multnomah County Oregon dependency case is nothing short of phenomenal.  Leading experts in psychology, Munchausen Syndrome, Factitious Disorder, and other specialties associated with the case have traveled from within and outside of Oregon to effectively dispute claims made against the accused mother.

One such witness, whom I recently had the opportunity to interview after she testified before the dependency court is Kristen Zajac, an author and former FBI investigator.  Kristen Zajac got to know Trisha DeLaurent and her children years ago while collaborating on the children’s book, Isabella’s Aviary. Ms. Zajac was witness to much of the fallout of trauma experienced by the family at the hands of Trisha’s violent ex-husband, William Lance Ulich. She also has an incredibly diverse background that qualifies her to make the assessment she presented today to the Washington DSHS interstate compact placement officials who have agreed to place Trisha’s son “Austin” in a dangerous living situation beginning on Friday, March 9th.  At this point, Washington DSHS ICPC staff has stated that they share no liability for the safety of the 11 year old, and that all liability rests entirely with Oregon DHS.


**The names of all three children have been [REDACTED] from the letter to protect their identities

From: Kristen Zajac
Date: Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 1:49 PM
Subject: Urgent Safety Threats: ICPC Placement
To: cristina.limpens@ofco.wa.govOFCOinfo@ofco.wa.govCrakeDr@dshs.wa.govhardedx@dshs.wa.gov,


My name is Kristen Zajac and I appreciate the opportunity to provide my professional threat and risk assessment expertise regarding the pending ICPC placement of [REDACTED]

COURSE OF ACTION: It is my understanding the State of Washington intends to place 11 year old [REDACTED] in the home of his biological father, William Lance Ulich this Friday, March 9, 2018, despite a lifetime domestic violence protection order protecting [REDACTED], his mother Trisha, and his other siblings from violent actions by his father.

THREAT AND RISK ASSESSMENT: On a threat assessment scale of 1-10, with 1 representing “no risk of domestic violence”, 5 representing a “moderate risk of domestic violence”, and 10 representing “highest risk of domestic violence”, I assess the threat posed to [REDACTED], should he be placed in the home of William Lance Ulich to be a “10-highest risk of domestic violence.” There is a history of severe, court documented, domestic violence perpetrated by William Lance Ulich against his family. In 2015, the King County Washington Superior Court judge issued a lifetime protection order protecting Trisha and her children- [REDACTED]-against the violent actions of William Lance Ulich. Based on his own testimony and a thorough court evaluation, Mr. Ulich was assessed as demonstrating “high lethality risks.” The family received confidential relocation and sealed name changes to protect them from further violence. [REDACTED] has suffered PTSD and undergone intensive counseling to deal with the abuse his family endured at the hands of his father and he has expressed intense fear and trauma from contact with his father. Threat measures are further escalated in this proposed placement due to the intensified risk factors associated with the two adult half brothers who would also be living with [REDACTED] and Mr. Ulich, one of whom has a violent history and has been violent with [REDACTED] previously, and the other has a history of perpetrating sexual molestation against others.

RECOMMENDATION: In my professional opinion, the state of Washington places itself in full liability for subjecting a juvenile to life threatening harm should Washington and Oregon coordinate the placement of [REDACTED] with Mr. Ulich. I am alarmed that this would even be considered given the long-term court documented history of abuse and the child’s own pleas for help and protection from this father to his legal advocates.

MY PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND AND ASSESSMENT OF THIS FAMILY: So that the state has some background on my own qualifications, personal integrity, and knowledge of this family, I am a children’s author and English as a second language teacher. My published books include “Ebeneezer’s Cousin”, “Chasing the Spirit of Service”, “Grandma’s Telescope”, “The Veterans’ Clubhouse”, and “Isabella’s Aviary.” Before becoming an author, I worked as an Intelligence Analyst at the United States Central Command on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida writing threat assessments and doing briefings for CENTCOM leadership. Prior to that I worked at FBI Headquarters in Washington D.C. as an Intelligence Analyst in the Counterterrorism Division. I maintained a Top Secret government security clearance for both my positions at the FBI and military. I was awarded a 1997 Presidential Management Fellowship in Washington D.C. and have a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stetson University.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Trisha, [REDACTED] very well in the course of writing a biography about the aviary they founded to raise companion birds for children with disabilities. The children’s book, “Isabella’s Aviary”, was published by Guardian Angel Publishing in December 2016. In researching this book, I have become close to Trisha and her children and consider Trisha a dear friend and an inspirational mother. I have been in frequent contact with Trisha from June 2013 to the present (March 2018) via multiple forms of communication including email, private messaging, phone calls, and Facebook public and private messaging. I also had the privilege of accompanying Trisha and her family on [REDACTED] “Make A Wish Trip” at Animal Kingdom and Disney World on October 25, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. In February 2018, I flew to Portland, Oregon to testify in the family’s jurisdictional hearing.

Words that come to mind in describing Trisha and her parenting style include compassionate, kind, nurturing, authentic, patient, reliable, trustworthy, respectful, and stable. I would like to emphasize respectful because Trisha not only models respect in how she treats the children and others around her, but she shows an admirable “long-term view” of parenting; a commitment to raising compassionate, competent, globally conscious, and productive young citizens. When you talk to [REDACTED], their earnest desire to look out for others and make a difference in this world is truly inspiring. Their tender hearts and fun spirits are a direct reflection of their sweet mama.

While many parents would be overwhelmed by the complicated medical history of the children, especially [REDACTED] neurodegenerative disease, Trisha has sought out the finest medical team in the country to provide exemplary care for her children. She hasn’t let any medical struggles take away the family’s chance for joy and a meaningful life together. In between school and family fun time, [REDACTED], (with the help of Mom), have founded an aviary to raise and train companion birds for sick children and those with disabilities. Each day the kids worked together with Trisha to prepare food for “the flock”, as they call it, and the kids have hysterical stories to share about raising and training the birds to help others. It is a joy to see three siblings so close and united in a purpose and cause bigger than themselves. It is also inspiring to witness Trisha’s loving support and acceptance of each child’s spirit and choices as they all work together to keep the aviary running. In addition to the children’s social and academic development at school, important life lessons and morals have been learned at home as [REDACTED] have raised, cared for, and trained their birds and watched them go to families where they will make a difference as companion birds.


As I got to know Trisha better she confided in me that she was a victim of domestic abuse. I was very worried about Trisha and the children and in close communication as she sought to protect herself and the kids through separation, relocation, and divorce. I remember her call and emails regarding frightening events in July 2014. Trisha feared for her safety and that of the children. Rather than surrendering firearms in compliance with a Domestic Violence Order, it appeared her husband, William Lance Ulich, had hidden the guns. I was alarmed as Trisha updated me on a series of troubling events which happened in close proximity. 1) A judge had blocked a request from her husband to get his tools back. 2) There was an attempted break in at her house. 3) Trisha found a hidden compartment in his tool cabinet concealing guns that were unregistered and that she knew nothing about. The hidden compartment with the guns also contained Trisha’s birth certificate and social security card. Trisha notified the authorities and the local police came and took everything into evidence. I kept in very close contact with Trisha during this entire time period.

I was so thankful Trisha had bravely extricated herself and the children from their domestic abuser through divorce and anonymous identities and relocation with the help of the court. They were so happy together living in safety and healing from the past traumas. I am outraged and heartbroken that they have been subjected to, more or less, attempts at a continuation of the abuse across state lines again in recent times. It is a travesty this family has been torn apart and the children split in different households. I urge Washington to refuse to be a part of any further victimization of this family. Up until now, Washington was the protector of the family and Oregon was the state that divided and re-traumatized the children. I advise Washington to carefully review the complicated facts in the jurisdictional hearing issue and refuse to re-enter the family’s life as anything but a hero. To place [REDACTED] in the hands of his former domestic abuser would be nothing less than breaking this little boy in heart, body, and mind. I request an immediate intervention to ensure this placement does not transpire.

In summary, Trisha is an excellent mother. I have observed her to be a loving, responsible, and highly devoted protector of her beloved children, [REDACTED]. She navigates extremely complicated medical channels with grace, humility, intelligence, and compassion, and has enabled a brighter future for the children due to her hard work in securing the best medical teams and schools for them. Trisha believes in the beauty of her children’s youthful and inspiring dreams and will do everything in her power to keep them safe and happy. I wish this for them too.

The family has endured great hardship to distance themselves from their domestic abuser, Mr. Ulich, and I request that the abuser not be reintegrated with the family on any level or in any form. Mr. Ulich poses great, immediate danger to the family. Should [REDACTED] be placed in residence with Mr. Ulich and his two adult sons, with comparably violent histories, I again assess the level of threat to be a “10” on a 10 point scale- representing the highest risk of domestic violence.

Thank you for your time and I am available for any further questioning or comments. Please fight for [REDACTED] safety. He deserves your advocacy. His mother has worked so hard to protect him  and give him a better life. He is a precious child- smart, funny, sweet, energetic, and a bright light in the world, but a light that is at risk of dimming if his hopes and dreams are again thwarted and he finds himself once again in a house of abuse, with no one to speak for him. Don’t let him be further harmed by Mr. Ulich. Be his voice. Be his hero. Keep him safe.


Kristen Zajac


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16 thoughts on “Urgent Safety Threats: ICPC Placement

  1. The above letter by Kristen Zajac clearly delineates on multiple levels the extreme imminent danger to this 11 year old child if he is placed back into the custody of his violently abusive father in 2 days on March 9th or on any other date ever. Washington DSHS interstate compact officials, please listen to her! The eyes of our country are upon you. You have heroically protected this child and his mother, sister and brother from William Lance Ulich, his father, by issuing a Lifetime Protective Order against the man due to previous violent abuse. Do not turn your backs on him and them now. Do not wash your hands of your responsibility for their safety and their very lives like Pontius Pilate. Rise to the occasion and protect this child and his family. You can plainly see all the compromised ethics, manipulation and laws broken in Oregon by the Deputy DA and this child’s assigned attorney, therapist and social services. They have failed him and his family. Please be the hero and save him now from a violent sexually, physically, and emotionally abusive home with his father and two adult half brothers. You have the power and responsibility to save and protect him. You fully understand what will happen to him if you do not. You cannot pretend that you didn’t know.

    1. This makes me absolutely furious at the court system for putting these children at risk with know abusers. What is wrong with the system. Trisha is an incredible mother. Her children are her everything and now she cant protect them. They need to be with their mother for safety and love

  2. Excellent article and testimony by Kristen Zajac. It seems to me that she had made an assessment of Trisha based on objective data, not subjective emotions. Then there is Trisha’s mother who has formed a relationship with Trisha’s ex-husband and may be pressured into making false claims to maintain the relationship, or perhaps she makes those false claims to win his approval. Fact is, who can’t see that? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. What this all boils down to is what is best for the children–someone they love, respect, and cherish or someone who is using them to gain a relationship? Please, God, give wisdom to the powers that be to make the right decision and not a decision that will scar lives or possibly end them violently.

  3. Thank you Author Kristen Zajac for your letter advocating for this family. I hope the officials listen and do the right thing for this dear little boy. This is so terrifying that they would consider putting him with the domestic abuser father once again. They are supposed to have a lifetime domestic violence protection order against him. So sad and so unfair! Prayers for this little boy. Why would they change his home before the jurisdictional hearing is over? Why wouldn’t they keep him in the same place until he is reunited with his loving mother once the hearing is over soon? Please help this boy!

  4. Kristen Zajac strongly and articulately states the facts in her letter. I cannot understand this boy would be placed with his physically abusive father, and I’m terrified for him.

  5. Absolutely CRIMINAL. How on earth are these decision makers allowed to continue within their positions? These people are corrupt at all cost criminals that do not care about the safety and welfare of the children. That is demonstrated by their actions. They are vindictive and acting from a place of anger towards this mother for lashing them publicly.

    A year from now there will be public outrage because DHS placed these children with predators and the children were horribly abused. The civil case of the mother and these children will be made infinitely easier because bold media outlets such as yourselves have documented the horrors this family has been subjected to, and you are collecting proof that the agencies were advised prior to this dangerous decision.

  6. Thank you to all who are advocating for this little boy involved in this dangerous situation. I cannot understand how the court system would betray the trust placed in them by the citizens of this state, and especially for those who have no voice. People should put aside their egos or whatever is keeping them from putting the child’s welfare first. We continue to pray for truth and justice to prevail and for the protection of this child.

  7. This is such an injustice. Officials need to listen to these fine advocates and save this innocent boy from harm’s way. Time is of the essence. Protect this young boy. Praying and following.

  8. This is making me physically sick to my stomach to think of this little boy being taken against his will and placed back into the abusive household of his father and stepbrothers. What kind of child protective services is this state running that it places children back in houses of horror to be re-victimized again? And this poor mother- it takes a lot to get a protection order- and to have it ignored? God bless and help this family. Thank you to the Voices Network journalist and this children’s author with the FBI background who are standing up for this family. We are all standing with you. And we are angry that officials don’t appear to be listening. Somebody please do something. Help this little boy!

  9. Please, anyone. Can anyone help this child? Who has the expertise to fight this and keep him in the safe arms of his mother. I am heartsick.

  10. Concur with Ms. Zajac. The state is putting this boy in a high risk situation with a history of abuse and is liable. I don’t understand why the lifetime DV protection order is not being adhered to. The two states should be working together for the good of the child. Why on earth such a rash and risky move shaking this boy’s foundation BEFORE the mother’s jurisdictional hearing is even over? Where is the equity in this process? The actions of the state are highly suspect. It’s like they’ve washed their hands of this before the mother has even had due process in court. What are their motives? It’s reprehensible to let a little boy suffer like this. You can’t put your head in the sand like you didn’t know. Our governor and state representatives need to investigate this handling. We are going to become known for failing the most vulnerable members of our community. I’m disgusted.

  11. I’m not sure I understand why the court system is ignoring an actual court order? Before investing emotions here, I’d like to know the facts. ALL OF THE FACTS. For instance, is this what money can buy you these days? A judge will overlook your actual criminal history and allow you to continue the abuse in the form of emotional and mental this time? WHY would a court system infuse themselves into the lives of these children, clearly already suffering at the hands of their father, removing them from the only parent they trust, knowing they have PTSD and force this issue? It’s highly disturbing.

    1. The abusive ex-husband and bio-grandma are the ones that accused the mother, Trisha, of Medical Child Abuse. Later it was found out that they are enjoying a personal relationship, and that grandma had many financial liens against her. Sex and money are classic motives for the worst of crimes.

      The judge refused to even hear the domestic violence history despite the extreme relevance to the case and the character of state witnesses. Appellate review shows that the judge has had other cases overturned due to her actions against victims of domestic violence. Your guess is as good as any of ours for why a judge would behave this way.

      The authors of this website have published a lot of other stories that weave together the details, each story sort of tells one narrow aspect. The domestic violence of Lance Ulich is indisputable and there are years of court records out of WA proving this. The family was protected until OR stepped in and ignored the safety threats. We have no idea why they did this, money for sucking three children with special needs into the system? Do they now continue it because they know the moment this case is over they are getting slapped with lawsuits?

      Even if this mother was a medical abuser it would not justify putting the children in the hands of rapists and domestic abusers! But after reading all of the case records this mother is innocent, and the child has years of proven issues, things like MRI that cannot be faked.

      Today a little boy is sent to live with this monster.

  12. Oregon and Washington State DHS ~ all of you who have been involved in this case or cases just like it ~ the destruction of this little boy is on YOUR heads.

    He wasn’t abused by his mother. You know this! There aren’t any allegations of wrongdoing regarding this child.

    You do not have jurisdiction in this case. Isn’t moving the child premature? Shouldn’t you wait to take action until after you hear the judge’s ruling? Why would you think being moved is in this child’s best interest? Moving him farther away from his mother, into the home of a rapist/abuser and his pedophile son and physically abusive son ~~ for what?

    Are you trying to force Trisha to capitulate to your demands? Is this punishment because she DARED to speak out and tell the world what you were doing, and like roaches, you don’t like having the light shone on you? Or are you just making her life as difficult as possible because you know that if you place the child with Lance, then, if (when) you do not win jurisdiction, Trisha still won’t get her child back without fighting the sperm donor in family court? If that’s the case, do you not realize how awful you all are to subject a CHILD to abuse that you KNOW has already happened and will continue ~ just because you want to destroy that child’s mother? Maybe you are too enmeshed in your DHS-collective-group-think to see it, but it sure is obvious to those of us who don’t have to lie to ourselves about how we are “saving children” in order to sleep at night.

  13. As usual, extensive documentation pertaining to existing continuing situations in a home, by state officials no less. Yet, in light of the allegations against the mother, by a biased self-serving person-that information is deemed “not relevant”. There is a well documented history for these people and you can clearly see wherein the problem lies. Fully disregarded by the people that documented it! Follow the money-everyone is on the same payroll and they all get to go home at night and sleep in their own beds. To hell with the consequences of their actions-it has zero affect on their lives. If after the receipt of the above testimony the child is not returned to his mother, I for one will fear for the child’s life and well being.

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