Detective Sandra Aldridge

Senseless Extradition to Clark County: Cruel & Unusual Circumstances

On March 14th, when N.B. was arrested on the way to pick up her grandson from kindergarten, it was 80 degrees in Arizona. She was wearing shorts, a summer top, and sandals. On April 10th, almost a month later, N.B. will travel north again to increasingly colder climates wearing the same summer clothes, now damaged and stained by the rusty chains that bind her hands and feet as she is loaded into jail transport vehicles. She has asked for, and been refused, warmer clothes and socks to protect her raw ankles now cut and bloodied from the shackles.

In the first transport, N.B. (and other inmates) traveled while locked in individual containers, like dog kennels, from which she could not see out. She stated that there was barely room to move within this confinement, and she experienced panic attacks that made it difficult for her to breathe. This is the ride during which N.B.’s back was injured causing severe sciatica pain that has not been addressed or treated.

N.B. is a 52-year-old wife, mother and grandmother with no criminal history, who was arrested based on a probable cause statement written by a Vancouver, WA police officer against whom N.B. had filed multiple complaints. Despite repeated requests for Clark County officials to intervene in the shocking situation, no action has been taken as N.B. has been booked into 4 correctional facilities in three states over 10 days. She has yet to reach the Idaho border, or the half-way point to Clark County, WA.

Sandra Aldridge, the VPD officer who misled a judge and prosecutor to covertly arrange for the out of state arrest and extradition of an Arizona grandmother, has been the subject of 5 Internal Affairs investigations since December 2017. Allegations against her include: False statements on search warrants, [non] conformance to laws, statements/false statements; general [mis]conduct, bias-based policing, retaliation, and false reporting. (Complaints referenced from VPD Internal Affairs records: IAC numbers 2017-0126, 2018-0003, 2018-0004, 2018-0025, 2018-0050)

After nearly 30 days of confinement, heart-wrenching separation from her husband and grandson, a horrific “chain”  transport among violent criminals, and irreparable damage to her reputation due to criminal bookings in jails from Arizona to Washington State, N.B. STILL has not been afforded her Constitution Right to appear before a judge to answer to the retaliatory accusations made by VPD Officer Sandra Aldridge.

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