Medical Child Abuse Panic, Multnomah County DA's Office

Final Arguments in DeLaurent Dependency Debacle

For 18 months, Oregon Juvenile Court has held highly-questionable “temporary emergency jurisdiction” in a dependency action against a Washington State family. On Tuesday, April 10th, Multnomah County Judge Susan Svetkey will hear closing arguments in the case. It is the State’s burden to prove that continuing jurisdiction exists, and that evidence presented proves that medical child abuse occurred.

The lengthy dependency trial began in May of 2017, was delayed over an 8 month period, resumed in January 2018, then finally reached the point of closing arguments in early March. Each trial day, Multnomah County DDA Charles Mickley rolled into the courtroom with his “prop-cart” loaded down with binders.  The prosecutor referred often with sweeping gestures to his binders in theatric indication that he had extensive evidence to support his theory of guilt, but he failed to present any of it during the long days of testimony.  Due to scheduling conflicts, closing arguments were postponed for five weeks after both sides rested.

Amid controversy over ethics violations by DDA Charles Mickley, who is  under Oregon Bar Association investigation for misconduct during the DeLaurent case, more prosecutorial shenanigans may be in store prior to tomorrow’s closing arguments. In an eleventh hour desperation move, DDA Mickley will attempt to bring in testimony of a medical witness who was never involved with treatment of the child in question, but who has recently joined the Legacy Cares Northwest Team. More details will be provided as this twist unfolds.

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  1. If an attorney is under investigation by the State Bar doesn’t that present a Conflict of Interest on the part of the attorney in that case? It seems like Charles Mickley should recuse himself or be recused from this case—-while this investigation is on going?????

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