Detective Sandra Aldridge, VPD Failure to Supervise

VPD Detective Free to Target Those Who File Complaints Against Her

An Arizona grandmother was falsely accused of “Tampering with a Witness” and maliciously arrested on an out of state warrant initiated by Vancouver Police Department Detective Sandra Aldridge. Aldridge admits in her report that N.B. did not make direct contact with the alleged victim. Instead, she left two voice messages following the November incident in an attempt to find out the circumstances surrounding a life-threatening injury to her son. Aldridge further acknowledges that N.B. did not make threatening statements in the recorded messages; she asked Zee Meyer, her son’s girlfriend, to “tell the truth”. N.B. was arrested in Arizona on March 14th, nearly 4 months after leaving the two recorded messages, and after testimony in her son’s trial had concluded.

Since 2015, there has been NO POINT IN TIME that VPD DETECTIVE SANDRA ALDRIDGE has not been under Internal Affairs investigation. Aldridge has been the subject of over 25 citizen and Department complaints.  Additionally, she has been named in numerous federal lawsuits and tort claims for civil rights violations (42 USC 1983). Her misconduct has been featured in at least 8 direct criminal appeals heard in the Court of Appeals Division II in recent years, more than any other law enforcement officer in the State of Washington during the same time period.

Even if N.B. was convicted for the false allegation brought against her in retaliation for filing complaints against Detective Sandra Aldridge, her sentence would be between 30-60 days in jail.  N.B. has already been held for nearly 30 days without a first appearance or an opportunity to dispute the malicious charge against her.

N.B. is praying for this nightmare to end, and to return to her home in Arizona before her grandson’s 6th birthday later this month. Send an email message to request action from Vancouver Chief of Police James McElvain:

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