Detective Sandra Aldridge

Day 31: Six Hundred Miles North of Purgatory

According to Roman Catholic doctrine, Purgatory is a place of punishment and redemption for the deceased to atone for their sins before reaching Heaven.  Ironically, Purgatory Correctional Facility– near Purgatory Flats in St. George, Utah– was the second stop for Arizona grandmother, N.B., on the prisoner chain transport that ripped her from her home following the nightmare that began for her family on March 14th. The Arizona Grandmother’s sin?  From December of 2017 through February of 2018, N.B. filed multiple complaints against VPD Officer Sandra Aldridge at the local and federal levels for bias-based policing and ongoing retaliation.

On March 8, 2018, Officer Aldridge submitted a probable cause statement to request a warrant for the out-of-state arrest and extradition of N.B.. The alleged crime–1 count of Witness Tampering–was based on two voice messages N.B. left for her son’s girlfriend, Zonnisha Meyer, in November of 2017, neither of which included any kind of threat or disturbing language.  When requesting the warrant for N.B.’s arrest, Officer Aldridge withheld important details and context in her PC statement, and she failed to disclose her personal bias or ulterior motive to the prosecutor and judge to which she presented her claims.

Detective Aldridge also failed to mention that at the time she initiated the warrant for N.B.’s arrest, she was within the two week window offered by the Vancouver Police Department to review materials included in an Internal Affairs investigation against her (IAC #2017-0126).  The complaint was filed in December of 2017 by N.B. alleging bias-based policing and ongoing retaliation.  It is the policy of the VPD Professional Standards Unit to allow the subjects to their investigations–Detective Aldridge in this case–14 days to review the investigation file prior to its submission to a “decision maker”.

N.B.’s journey to Purgatory (Utah) and beyond covers 1,500 miles from Arizona to Washington State where she will have her first opportunity before a Clark County judge to answer the charge against her. Throughout the transport, N.B. continues to be re-booked into numerous jails across 5 western states denoted only as a “Fugitive from Justice”.  This has created the highly misleading appearance within state and national criminal data bases that N.B. is a serious and/or repeat offender “running from the law” to avoid criminal prosecution. In actuality, she was given no prior warning or notice that charges were being considered or that she would be designated as a “Fugitive from Justice”. Further, there was no basis to believe that N.B., a financially stable, long-term federal government employee with no criminal history, would not have appeared for court on her own accord had she been issued a summons to do so.

On Thursday this week, 16 days after the extradition transport began, N.B. had finally crossed over the half-way mark from her home in Arizona to the Clark County Courthouse in Vancouver, Washington. With almost 500 miles remaining, N.B. has been incarcerated on a “no bail hold” for longer than Washington’s recommended minimum sentence if she had been convicted of the crime for which she has yet to be arraigned.

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