Detective Sandra Aldridge

After “38 Days In” N.B. Returns to Arizona

N.B., the Arizona grandmother arrested on March 14th and extradited to Washington State as a “Fugitive from Justice,” finally flew home today to reunite with her family. Her 38-day ordeal can only be described as “shocking to the conscience”.

The warrant for N.B’s arrest was initiated on March 8th, 2018 by Vancouver Washington Police Officer, Sandra Aldridge, who has been under a steady stream of Internal Affairs investigations by VPD Professional Standards Unit since 2015 (20 separate investigations in 3 years). N.B. filed her initial complaint against Officer Aldridge in early December 2017.

N.B., who has no criminal record, was transported in handcuffs and shackles through five Western states. She was booked into six different jails with six separate mugshots taken over a period of 38 days to answer to a retaliatory accusation of “Tampering with a Witness”. The information presented to a Clark County Deputy Prosecutor and Superior Court Judge by Aldridge to obtain the needed signatures for the covert arrest warrant was rife with misinformation and omission.

N.B. arrived by prisoner transport in Vancouver, WA on Thursday, April 19th. She appeared before a judge on Friday, was released that day on her own recognizance, and allowed to leave Washington as soon as her purse and ID arrived by FED EX so that she could book a flight back to Arizona. N.B. is scheduled to return to Clark County in June for trial on one count of “Tampering with a Witness”, a false charge she emphatically denies.

An interesting side light to N.B.’s ordeal is that during the 15 days she was held in the Pinal County Arizona jail, she was a part of the 5th season of the A&E channel popular documentary 60 Days In.  Interviewed frequently by the producers, N.B. had the opportunity to tell her story, her son’s story, and the story of VPD Officer Sandra Aldridge to a national audience. We will be publishing future updates on The Voices Network, and the 5th season of 60 Days In will be aired in the coming months to an audience of millions.
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