Medical Child Abuse Panic

Open Letter to the Multnomah County Commissioners Re Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

Dear Multnomah County Commissioners,

It is said that words are like weapons and can be used as a tool for either good or evil. Whether elected or appointed, we entrust those placed in positions of authority within government, via our consent to be governed, to carefully deliberate when dispensing judgment upon us. We do not expect, nor should we ever tolerate those in positions of authority to remain in their positions when they knowingly make false allegations against the innocent. When false statements are used to oppress law abiding citizens which are then used to advance careers, those people in public service must be removed from office.

Oregon DHS vs Trisha DeLaurent

For the past 18 months, DHS — represented by Multnomah County DDA Charles Mickley– has oppressed, suppressed and repressed Trisha DeLaurent, an innocent woman and mother of 4, desperately working to regain custody of her children. DDA Mickley has knowingly proffered fabricated reports and twisted truths to perpetuate a fictitious narrative that Ms. DeLaurent medically abused her oldest child, a 14-year-old boy with special needs and a complex medical history. To be clear, the testimony of expert medical witnesses and persons close to the Delaurent children testified that the mother did NOT, and has NOT, abused any of her children in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it’s quite to the contrary. Ms. DeLaurent is an exemplary mother.

The actions of DDA Mickley and others assigned to the Multnomah County Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) failed to demonstrate concern for the truth in the matter. The MDT’s tortured narrative of medical child abuse accelerated even as evidence and expert evaluations came forward disputing the original assumptions of a CARES Northwest Pediatrician who had never met the mother or treated the child.  That diagnosis of presumed abuse of one child helped pave the way for DHS to claim protective custody of DeLaurent’s 3 other children, in spite of no other abuse allegations having been brought forth.

We do not expect innocent people to be persecuted by our own government, especially, when that government entity does not have jurisdiction over a sovereign citizen. Ms. DeLaurent and her children were Washington residents at the time of the petition for temporary emergency jurisdiction. In other words, if there was a crime, which there was not, DDA Mickley should have referred the case over to Washington DSHS.

You may ask yourself, how can a person be falsely accused of a crime they did not commit, let alone for a crime that did not occur? Not to be irreverent, but malicious prosecution happens far too often. There is a pandemic of DHS misconduct throughout our country and at its core, there are conflicts of interest that have become the status quo. To be specific, DHS agencies are incentivized to abduct children just as there is a financial impetus by law enforcement to arrest and imprison the innocent.

Edmund in Shakespeare’s King Leer is quoted as saying, “Evil be thou, my good.” Translation: what others call evil is, in my self-interest, good for me.

This letter is a request for the Commissioners to inquire into the misconduct by the Multnomah County MDT and CAT. The DeLaurent case will soon be decided by Judge Susan Svetkey. Her decision will be applauded or immediately appealed. Either way, this case and future cases like it will continue to be an unnecessary liability for the residents of Multnomah County. It is strongly recommended the Commissioners use their powers of checks and balances to put a stop to a pattern and practice by the MDT of perpetuating false allegations that result in the abduction of children and destruction of families.

The actions of the MDT are ripe with conflicts of interest and it lacks proper oversight.

For more information regarding MDT misconduct and the DeLaurent saga, go to



Guy Bini, citizen journalist
The Voices Network

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