Multnomah County Juvenile Court

The Walls are Talking in Judge Svetkey’s Courtroom

Since the travesty of justice against Trisha DeLaurent was reported in articles by The Voices Network earlier this year, additional victims and witnesses to judicial malfeasance of Multnomah County Judge Susan Svetkey have come out of the woodwork to tell their stories. Disturbingly similar experiences continue to surface showing a pattern and practice of dangerous abuse of office by Judge Svetkey dating back to 2002.

Details related to the common actions and behaviors witnessed in Judge Svetkey’s courtroom (listed below) are shocking to the conscience. Their consistency in unrelated cases over an extended period provides evidence that the Juvenile Court Judge has a long history of demonstrating overt bias, disallowing expert testimony, disregarding evidence, ignoring protection orders, and knowingly placing innocent children in harm’s way.

If you, or someone you know, has had an experience in Judge Svetkey’s courtroom related to the list below, please contact The Voices Network through our website contact form.


Disregard for No Contact Orders naming child(ren) and/or mother as protected parties

Placement or legal custody awarded to individual with documented history of abuse

Abrupt separation of child(ren) from established primary care-giver and/or siblings

Demonstrated bias through statements or actions against one party and their witnesses

Refusal to allow testimony of expert witnesses who dispute State’s claims

Ruling that contradicts recommendations of experts, evaluators, case workers, therapists, etc

Unaddressed conflicts of interest within case; denied or ignored request for recusal of judge

Reprimand, retaliation and/or order by Svetkey to remove website, online posts, social media

Retaliation in response to requests for outside help (FBI, civil rights org., media, legislators)

Angry outbursts; inappropriate comments made to unfavored parties in open court

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