Medical Child Abuse Panic

Judge Orders Website Shutdown

By Guy Bini

October 2, 2017

Portland, OR

On Thursday, September 28, in a case of alleged medical child abuse, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Susan M. Svetkey ordered the website to be shut down by Monday, October 2, 2017. A coordinated social media page,, was also ordered to be taken down within 24 hours of her ruling.

Judge Svetkey stated that the mother who is alleged of medical child abuse took steps to circumvent prior confidentiality orders by creating a website in order to obtain support for her cause which is to publicize the injustice that the state of Oregon has inflicted upon her family.

The website was developed by Trisha Delaurent of Vancouver, Washington. Delaurent has been accused of medical child abuse. She has publicized her family’s story and claims her innocence. The information published on the website has been highly critical of both Oregon CPS and law enforcement investigators who have been looking into the medical child abuse allegations.

Specifically, Delaurent has published a counter narrative with details that point to a lack of a genuine investigation which includes false reporting, false statements, failure to investigate and witness tampering all initiated by state investigators.

According to Judge Svetkey, the creation of the website and fb page flies in the face of state and federal laws designed to help protect the privacy and confidentiality of minor children who become caught up in the DHS/CPS system. However, DHS attorneys representing the children did not present any documentation during the 9/28 hearing that would suggest Delaurent was in violation of any state or federal privacy laws nor were any specific laws referenced by code or by statute. Instead, state attorneys asked Delaurent if she posted medical information about the children which any parent has a right to do. Delaurent answered “Yes” which embolden Judge Svetkey to order the entire website to be shut down.

During questioning, Delaurent informed the court that she gave up control of the website to a group of anonymous online social justice activists. When asked if there was any reason why she could not take down the website, Delaurent said she no longer owns the rights to

Because Delaurent no longer has control of the website, Judge Svetkey modified the court order upon Delaurent to shut down the website and/or to make all possible efforts to contact the anonymous groups and request that it be taken down. If Delaurent is unable to get the groups to take down the website, then she is to provide such information to her attorney.

In addition, the DA was to make their own efforts with the anonymous group(s) to take down the website.

Delaurent, a mother of four, is currently embattled with both Oregon DHS and Washington DSHS over the custodial rights of her children.

In October of 2016, the three oldest children were taken into temporary protective custody by Oregon CPS and later placed with the children’s maternal grandmother. On the surface it seems like an optimal plan to place the three older children with their maternal grandmother, until one scratches the surface to dig into grandma’s background and discovers the grandmother’s long-term hostile relationship towards Delaurent.

In February 2017, Delaurent gave birth to her 4th child. Twelve days after the birth of her youngest son, Washington CPS took temporary custody of him as well based upon a ‘threat of harm’ due to the other 3 children being taken by Oregon CPS.

Delaurent’s motivation to develop a website was to publish her family’s story. It was born out of her frustration which stemmed from what she believed to be a biased investigation on the part of Oregon CPS investigator, Steve Jackson, and Gresham Police Officer, Detective Robert Harley who is assigned to the Portland Child Abuse Team known as CAT. Neither investigator interviewed friends or family members close to the Delaurent family. Instead, they sought the opinions of those who were adversarial to Delaurent and that includes Delaurent’s mother.

In April of 2017, Detective Harley interviewed Delaurent, six months after the decision was made by the state to take her children into temporary protective custody, and only after she had made numerous requests to be interviewed.

Medical child abuse cases typically involve parents who fail or neglect to seek medical attention for their children, especially those children who have life threatening ailments. Delaurent has done the exact opposite. Delaurent has sought out medical treatment for all three of her older children, two of whch suffer from Mitochondrial Disease.

The oldest child who’s medical condition is alleged to have been caused by medical child abuse was diagnosed with Neurodegenerative Disease from 2011 thru 2016. This was a misdiagnosis by neurologists from Sweedish Children’s Hospital in Seattl, WA. The doctors at Sweedish Hospital identified the symptoms for Neurodegenerative Disease that were being caused by the medications being prescribed to treat Neurodegenerative Disease.

In 2016, the oldest child was properly diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease by a neurosurgeon from Legacy Emanual Hospital in Portland, OR.  Then why has Delaurent been accused of medical child abuse?

The reporter of medical child abuse in this case was Delaurent’s mother, the same person who is now the state’s approved caregiver for the 3 oldest children. Delaurent has begged the state to find placement elsewhere for her children. She has made it well known that the children are not safe as the grandmother has already exposed the children to other family members in which she has a life time protection order against.

The state has taken a position to believe grandma, a known false reporter, and to ignore safety concerns. The state’s belief in the care provider, and disbelief in the accused, has placed the children at a greater risk of harm. Delaurent has been vocal and proactive to the point where she has written about the risk of harm to her children at DHS and CPS have failed to remedy the mother’s request to place the children with another suitable care provider.

Because Delaurent has been an outspoken advocate for her children and a critic of the state, the state wants to silence her. The ruling by Judge Svetkey has now prevented Delaurent from publishing her concerns on the internet, an apparent violation of Delaurent’s constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech, and the freedom of the press.

Delaurent has the right to comment about a case of public controversy without fear of retaliation from the government.

“The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot thus be converted into a crime” ~ Miller v. US (5th Circuit) (1956)